Your kitchen cabinets are the first thing someone sees when they enter your kitchen. The style and color can really keep them looking trendy and new. If your cabinets are in need of a makeover, there is a high chance you have been thinking of painting your kitchen cabinets. The experts at N-Hance Paramus can help you through the process of painting your kitchen cabinets.

You have probably been searching online, or maybe even looking for professional cabinet painters near me. N-Hance Paramus wants to make sure you know the REAL cost of having your cabinets professionally painted vs choosing to D.I.Y. 

Painting your kitchen cabinets isn’t as easy it looks. You can’t just grab a brush and slap on a coat of paint. If you make a mistake it can cost you a lot of money to replace your cabinets. Here are some things to consider beforehand:

  • You need to dismantle the kitchen and your kitchen cabinets
  • You need to remove appliances, accessories, and food from the kitchen
  • You need to remove the kitchen cabinet drawers and doors to another space
  • You need to completely clean and neutralize the wood surfaces on the cabinet boxes, drawers and doors
  • You need to mask the entire kitchen to contain the mess from spraying your kitchen cabinets
  • You need to abrade the kitchen cabinet boxes, drawers and doors to help the primer, color coat, and finish adhere
  • You need to make sure your prime the kitchen cabinet boxes, doors and drawers to protect the cabinet surfaces from contaminants in the existing finish or wood
  • You need to spray multiple light coats of color/paint on your cabinet doors, drawers and boxes to build up the color coat on your kitchen cabinets because thick paint coats can drip and chip
  • You need to spray on multiple finish coats on your kitchen cabinets to protect the color coat
  • You need to reassemble the kitchen cabinets by putting the cabinet doors and drawers back in the right place
  • You need to add new glides and hardware to your kitchen cabinets
  • If you make any mistakes you need to take the paint off and start over

Should you D.I.Y. paint your kitchen cabinets?

N-Hance Paramus gets this question a lot! The stress of painting your kitchen cabinets is usually enough to make you stop and think. It seems like it can be a weekend project, but in reality it can take months! Real professional cabinet painters like N-Hance Paramus take the time to do the job right. N-Hance Paramus is trained to professionally use a spray gun, and we know how to paint cabinets. 

Can you be without your kitchen for months? If you DIY paint your kitchen cabinets you will be in a space that is torn apart.  You might think it costs less, but it will cost more in time. Imagine if you mess up and have to replace your kitchen cabinets because you do a poor job. 

Should I have my cabinets professionally painted?

If you’re feeling anxious about painting your cabinets yourself, you should call N-Hance Paramus and get a free quote. N-Hance Paramus has the skills and expertise to get the job done as quickly as possible, while making sure the final result is one you’ll be happy with.

Here are some benefits of hiring N-Hance Paramus:

  • N-Hance Paramus will give you high-quality results on your kitchen cabinets that you will love
  • N-Hance Paramus is trained to spot issues and defects in your kitchen cabinets and how to deal with them
  • N-Hance Paramus knows current kitchen cabinet trends and can offer great advice 
  • N-Hance Paramus will clean, abrade, prime, color, and topcoat your kitchen cabinets
  • N-Hance Paramus will complete your cabinet painting project in a timely manner
  • N-Hance Paramus will reduce the stress of this major home project
  • N-Hance Paramus is bonded and insured
  • N-Hance Paramus has excellent ratings and reviews on Google
  • N-Hance Paramus will provide excellent communication from your first phone call or email
  • N-Hance Paramus will give you an kitchen cabinet painting estimate up front, and that is what you will pay to have your kitchen cabinets professionally painted
  • N-Hance Paramus will communicate and keep you updated on the progress of your kitchen cabinet painting project

Ready to have your kitchen cabinets professionally painted by N-Hance Paramus? Give N-Hance Paramus a call at 201-612-9663.