Many homeowners ask us why they should refinish their kitchen cabinets instead of replacing their cabinets. The first reason is that refinishing it is more affordable and convenient than replacing cabinets. At N-Hance Paramus cabinet refinishing we refinish cabinets all the time. Cabinet refinishing is our specialty and we take pride in our work.

Choose cabinet refinishing when you:

  • Have damaged cabinets and want your cabinets to look new
  • Want to avoid the extra expense and waste of replacing your kitchen cabinets
  • Are happy with the layout and storage of your existing cabinets
  • Prefer the time savings of refinishing vs replacing your cabinets

N-Hance Paramus takes less time to refinish your cabinets than most of our competitors. We clean, repair, seal and protect your cabinets with our finish top coat. Our proprietary Lightspeed top coat allows you to use your kitchen as soon as we are done because this finish is cured with a UV light. This means your cabinets are dried and cured immediately. You don’t have to wait for days or even weeks for your cabinets to be used.


The reason you should choose N-Hance Paramus at 201-612-9663 to ask any questions you may have.