Most homeowners are unaware their kitchen cabinets need to be primed before painting. Even if you’re repainting your kitchen cabinets a similar color, it’s still important to prime the surface. If you are trying to go to a lighter color it is especially important to prime your kitchen cabinets. Priming blocks contaminants from the wood and creates a surface that the paint better adheres to. We both prime and paint your boxes in your kitchen and the doors and drawers in our shop.

After the primer has dried, N-Hance of Quad Counties will use a sprayer to paint the boxes. In some instances we may use a roller, but our preferred method is spraying. N-Hance of Quad Counties uses paint that is designed for cabinets and not for walls. N-Hance of Quad Counties will spray multiple light coats to give you a professional finish. We do not rush the dry times of the primer or paint. 

Finally, when N-Hance of Quad Counties is done painting your kitchen cabinets we will add our topcoat to provide your cabinets maximum durability. N-Hance of Quad Counties topcoats come in multiple sheens, and we can help you decide which sheen is best for your kitchen. 

N-Hance of Quad Counties serves Chino Hills and the surrounding area. If you have any questions on how N-Hance of Quad Counties primes, paints and finish coats your kitchen cabinets, please contact N-Hance of Quad Counties at 951-772-1903.