Do you want a big kitchen cabinet makeover but don’t have room in your budget? Turn to the professionals at N-Hance® for help. We can replace your kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts and transform old-fashioned, beat-up cabinets into the star of the show in your kitchen. 

Even better, we can do this affordably and quickly, so there’s minimal disruption to your life at a cost that is comfortable for your budget. Here’s how we do it, why our process is better, and some before and after photos to inspire you. 

How We Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors

With cabinet door replacement services from N-Hance, we can breathe new life into your old cabinets and your entire kitchen. This adds up to a major facelift without spending a fortune. All you have to do is let us know what style, color, hardware, and accessories you’d like, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

The result? Gorgeous cabinets with a smooth, durable finish and a completely revived kitchen to enjoy. 

Our process for replacing kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts includes:

Step #1: Selecting Your Cabinet Door Style 

Whether you want a traditional, classic aesthetic, a modern, sleek look, or the ever-popular Shaker style, you can trust our team to help you choose. If you’re not sure what style to replace your kitchen cabinet doors with, we can even guide you through the selection process, factoring in your preferences and other features in your kitchen.

Step #2: Choosing Your Cabinet Color 

We offer an array of cabinet paint and stain colors to explore, so you can find the perfect one for your preferences. When you want to replace your kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts, some of the most popular choices we offer include:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Two-toned cabinets
  • And various shades of blue

If you don’t see a hue you love, let us know and provide us with a color sample. Our cabinet painters can match it and bring it to life through new custom-made cabinet doors and drawer fronts. 

Step #3: Exploring Accessories and Upgrades

With N-Hance, you can further personalize your cabinets with our beautiful choices for hardware – whether you prefer pulls, knobs, or a mix of both – as well as soft close and hidden hinges. 

We also offer a range of other accessories and specialty upgrades, including decorative crown molding, open shelving, glass door panels, and cabinet storage like pull-out shelves and wine racks. 

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Doors: Why Our Process Is Better 

Unlike other companies that replace kitchen cabinet doors, we don’t apply veneers or laminates. We actually give you new, custom-made doors and drawer fronts built from real wood that lasts far longer than flimsy veneers. 

Beyond a beautiful selection of door styles, rich and sophisticated colors, and exciting upgrades, some other advantages you’ll get when you choose N-Hance to replace your kitchen cabinet doors include:

Proprietary Products

From our exclusive cleaning solution that removes grease, grime, and other contaminants to our paint and stain colors, all of our products are designed for kitchen cabinets and made to stand up to everyday wear and tear.

A Rock-Hard Finish That Cures in Seconds

With our Lightspeed® Nano technology, we use the power of UV rays to cure your cabinets in seconds, not hours or days. This means you don’t have to wait to use your cabinets, and can get back into your kitchen as soon as we leave. 

A Faster, More Affordable Way to Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Since we’re not demolishing old kitchen cabinet boxes, the cost is more affordable than a full replacement. Our total work time is also much faster, with a turnaround time of three to five days, not weeks. You might even have some funds leftover in your budget to replace your countertops, backsplash, or have your hardwood floors refinished

Get Inspired! Replace Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors with Style

Some customers come to us with a complete vision for their kitchen cabinet door replacements. Others aren’t sure what design direction to head in and need some help. If you’re in the latter camp, here are some before and after photos from N-Hance to inspire you.

White and Cream Kitchen Cabinets

White and cream are top choices for cabinets since they are neutral and versatile. Whether you want bright white for a modern kitchen, or a creamy, smooth finish for a more classic kitchen, you can find the perfect shade, including:

Arctic White 

The original cabinets in this kitchen were a dated golden oak that belonged back in the last century. N-Hance refreshed them dramatically with clean, modern, square cabinet doors and drawer fronts painted Arctic White. The contemporary black matte hardware was the perfect finishing touch to complete this kitchen upgrade. 

Bavarian Cream

With cabinets and floors that were essentially the same stain color, this kitchen came off as bland and lacking dimension. We infused new life into it with flat front replacement kitchen cabinet doors and drawers painted in beautiful Bavarian Cream. This created a visual contrast with the floors and tile backsplash, so the kitchen was more visually appealing.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Using two different paint colors on cabinets is another popular trend. You can choose one paint color for your base cabinets and another for your upper cabinets. Alternatively, you can have your island or a built-in desk painted a bold, dramatic hue and select a more neutral shade for the rest of your cabinets. Here’s how we’ve turned this trend into a reality for some customers.

Black Fox and Pure White

The original cabinets didn’t quite flow or complement the gray floors, counters, and appliances. So, we replaced the dated kitchen cabinet door style with a cleaner, more classic look and created more cohesion by painting the upper and base cabinets Pure White. Then, we painted the kitchen island Black Fox, adding a dose of drama that made this kitchen distinct. 

Cream Lily and Crisp Ocean 

This kitchen had white cabinets with a dated yellow undertone. We refreshed them with Cream Lily, which produced a brighter, more polished look for the cabinets and the whole kitchen. We also added a touch of playfulness by painting the island Crisp Ocean, infusing a charming coastal vibe into this comfortable family kitchen. 

Blue and Green Kitchen Cabinets

Blues and greens are another emerging trend for cabinets. Both offer a sense of calm, turning a busy, chaotic kitchen into a soothing oasis with colors such as:

Welded Iron

The original kitchen cabinet boxes were made from durable hardwood, yet the doors and drawer fronts were dated in both color and style. We replaced them with a clean, contemporary style painted Welded Iron. This enriched the space with a boost of color and also added more contrast between the cabinets and floors, changing the feel of the whole kitchen. 

Jack Pine

In this kitchen, we cultivated a soothing, monochromatic look by replacing dull kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts with a more upscale style and color, Jack Pine. This was a similar color to the wall paint and island, elevating the aesthetic of the kitchen and making it appear lighter, brighter, and more spacious. 

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

If you want a neutral color on your replacement kitchen cabinet doors, but not white, gray is a great alternative. There are many shades available, from those that are cooler and contemporary to warmer hues or even greige. Whatever you choose, gray cabinets have a versatile, sophisticated look. Some shades of gray we’ve applied in the past include:

Soothing Gray

Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference, like in this kitchen. We transformed previously too-bright white cabinets with drab, dated hardware into a modern oasis of luxury and relaxation. 

We replaced the old kitchen cabinet doors with a modern, square-style panel and painted the cabinets Soothing Gray. We completed the look with sleek new hardware. This combination added more distinction between the cabinets and hardware, while also drawing the eye to the beautiful subway tile backsplash. 


Monochrome offered a dramatic transformation for this bathroom vanity. Using this shade of gray, we took an unfashionable cabinet and turned it into a handsome vanity that cultivated a calming oasis. The offbeat hardware added a dose of fun and charm.

When you want a big kitchen upgrade without the cost of a full remodel, turn to N-Hance to replace your kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts with beautiful new styles and colors. Call (855) 642-6230 today to request a FREE estimate.