Our renewal process thoroughly cleans the surface, etching the old coating, repairs damaged areas with less mess and applies an elegant finish. Our extensive renewal process is the same whether it be for floors, cabinets or other surfaces.

Step 1: Prep and Detailing

01 Mask the job site
We mask the job site to protect your property and minimize disruption.
Vacuum and Sweep
We vacuum or sweep all the floors adjacent to the ones receiving finish. Next we remove and clean any heat vents to ensure area is completely dust free.
Patch and fill Cracks
Using N-Hance putty we match the color of your floor to fill all cracks and gaps.

Step 2: Cleaning

02 Hand-clean the Tight Areas
Scraping away any debris around floor trim, the perimeters are hand-cleaned using our patented cleaner.
Buffer Cleaning System
Buffering not only cleans the surface, but also draws dirt out of the pores.
Remove Slurry
A Schmop is used to keep streaks from showing in the final finish.
Fan Dry
We then inspect the entire area and clean up any remaining haze around the perimeter. If needed we will set up fans to dry the floor, being cautious not to blow any particles onto the floor.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

03 Burnish
Before we apply the final coat, we burnish the surface to remove any grain raise caused by moisture (as needed).
Vacuum and Sweep Again
A micro fiber pad is used to make sure there are no contaminates left behind.
Applying the Finish
N-Hance‘s revolutionary finish is now applied to the floor with pigments and colors to blend in worn sections and restore the beauty of the grain. The finish is always applied with the grain, to bring out the best look in your floor.
Dry Completely
Making sure there is no dust or debris, the fans are used again if necessary.
Again and Again
After the floor is completely dry, the process starts again with burnishing and then touch up. The second coat is applied and, if necessary, the fans are used again. Burnishing helps remove some debris and haze while leaving a uniformed sheen level. Then once dry, the third and final coat is applied. Finally, we allow the finish to dry and set up fans for a final and complete seal of the floor.

Step 4: Inspection

04 Final Inspection
N-Hance has a full customer satisfaction guarantee. You and your N-Hance Wood Renewal Expert will inspect the final job to ensure your satisfaction. When the floor is complete, you will receive final care instructions, and a free customer care brochure.


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