Do you want to resurface your kitchen cabinets, but are worried about the cost or the time and mess involved in hiring a professional or doing it yourself? There is a way that you have the best of both worlds, you can avoid the mess, the smell, the downtime and the hassle of DIY by hiring an affordable, reputable and experienced kitchen cabinet resurfacing company to handle the project for you. This article will explain how we accomplish the job and also show you some before & after photos from our kitchen cabinet resurfacing projects

Resurface kitchen cabinet project before and after photo. On one side we see cherry stained kitchen cabinets and on the alternative side we see that the cabinets have been resurfaced by Nhance of Southeast michigan and now the cabinets are white with a mocha colored paint job on the island.

Why you should avoid resurfacing kitchen cabinets yourself.

You should remember that it is not easy to simply paint over damaged cabinets.

It is not an easy or fast task to simply paint over kitchen cabinets, especially if they have damage to the cabinet doors or boxes.

Downsides to resurfacing kitchen cabinets yourself

  1. Not removing the doors and drawer faces can cause gaps in paint or stain, or build up in the corners
  2. Improperly preparing and cleaning cabinet and drawer surfaces can cause an imperfect and downright messy ugly result when resurfacing cabinets.
  3. Failing to label your doors and drawer faces if you do remove them can make putting your kitchen back together a huge struggle!
  4. Sanding can make a mess and cause air quality problems and take forever to get the dust out of the air, other surfaces and carpets in your home
  5. If you do not use a durable sealant, your paint job or stain can easily scratch off or wear off.

Resurfacing kitchen cabinets yourself is a bigger job than you would expect.

It is very simple to find some professional grade cabinet refinishing services. You may also find some great deals if you look at some online sites. One tip that I have is to make sure you are comparing apples to apples so don’t just use the prices of cabinet doors, hinges and hardware as your guide.

There is a huge difference between a good quality cabinet and a bad one. A good quality cabinet will always look better than a bad one. I remember when I was first remodeling my kitchen and I was afraid to paint because I was afraid to damage the cabinet fronts. The trick was to learn how to get the best results while also not damaging them.

I found that the easiest way to do this was to sand down the cabinet doors and hinges first. This will help reduce the amount of damage to them. Once you have done this then you will need to use a light coat of enamel spray paint to protect the front of the cabinets.

This will protect the cabinet doors from getting dirty over time and it will also prevent rust from forming. Another trick I used is to put a layer of polyurethane on the interior and the exterior of the cabinet doors and hinges to help seal the wood. It doesn’t take much of this to make a great looking cabinet.

Professional grade cabinets can usually be found for less than $100 or even free on Craigslist or online. So go ahead and spend some time looking through these places and you may be surprised by what you find. You can get some great deals.

One important thing you should remember when resurfacing kitchen cabinet doors is to be careful not to cut into the wood. You are not using the same tools you would if you were cutting new wood. So you will want to make sure that you don’t accidentally break the edges or chip away at the surface of the wood. If you are not sure about something, do not try to cut in because this will just make the problem worse.

Staining your cabinets is an easy process as long as you know what kind of stain to use. When deciding on a stain you want to pay close attention to the color of the material. Wood stains look great when they match the wood grain. For example you would not want to use a dark wood stain for a light colored oak kitchen cabinet. Also you want to make sure you get a stain that has an opaque finish so that your new cabinets are not easily spotted.

One tip is to put on the stained wood a sealer before you start the job to help the stain stick. It is best to use two coats of a similar stain for the entire job.

Another important step is to sand down the surface area and make sure you do it evenly. The reason for doing this is so that the surface of the cabinet does not become cracked. You may also want to consider covering the unfinished portions of the cabinet with wood filler or even wood paint. this will make the finish last longer. Just because you are putting on some hardware does not mean you should cover the entire cabinet.

If you are thinking about resurfacing kitchen cabinets for decorative purposes then you will want to consider a combination of paint and varnish. You can still sand the surface and finish off to a more finished look but you will still get that beautiful look that wood can bring. If you want the cabinets to look new again then you will still want to give them a coat of stain to add some finishing touch. so you have the look you want without being afraid to ruin them.