Update your cabinets the easier, less expensive way.

Give your kitchen a cabinet makeover without the mess or cost of a full remodel!

Looking to give your cabinets a much-needed refresh without burning a hole in your pocket? At N-Hance, we provide an affordable and elegant solution – bespoke cabinet painting services in Flandreau. The stunning finishes we offer are a cut above the rest, ensuring no unsightly drips or brush strokes. Moreover, our high-quality paint endures over time, boasting a rock-solid finish that resists peeling and chipping, unlike standard paints. Unleash new life into your cabinets with N-Hance, where exceptional quality meets incredible value.

We use proprietary products and processes to ensure the best finish for our customers. We can also complete the job in a matter of days, so there’s not a lot of downtime to deal with or disruption to your busy life.

No matter what your style is, we can bring your vision to life. We have a wide variety of popular, on-trend colors to choose from. If you have a specific color in mind, our team can mix together a custom color that matches your style.

N-Hance of Sioux Falls services the greater Flandreau area including Brandon, Brookings, Coleman, Harrisburg, Hartford, Sioux Falls, Tea, Watertown, and Yankton.

UV Lightspeed Instant Cabinet Curing

Locally Owned & Operated

side by side showing N-Hance cabinet painting with wood cabinets going to white
N-Hance colors including Pure White, Arctic Wind, Creme Lily, Willow Bark, Soothing Gray, Crisp Ocean, Dutch Gray, Bear Lake Blue, Navy Stone, Dense Gray, Evening Forest, Top Hat Black

The N-Hance Color Palette offers colors ranging from fresh white to dramatic black. Or choose any color…and N-Hance will match it!

Unsure about which color to choose? Don’t worry, our team in Flandreau is here to assist you. Your local N-Hance technician, we’ll guide you through the entire process. We’ll discuss various factors like the size of your kitchen, its layout, the amount of natural light, and others to help you make an informed decision about the ideal color for your home. Moreover, we’ll bring paint samples to your home, ensuring that you select the perfect finish.

Some of the custom techniques we offer to further personalize your cabinets include:

  • Glazed: Uses random distressing to showcase the details of your new cabinets and create farmhouse-style charm
  • Antiqued: Produces an aged or worn look, so your new cabinets have more character
  • Torched: Creates depth and drama by adding a darker shade in the recessed parts of the cabinets


Superior Products

N-Hance uses a special proprietary cleaning solution to remove any dirt or oil from the cabinets. We then use water-based acrylic, polyurethane blends designed for cabinets.


Inferior Products

Most of the average cabinet painters use products that aren’t designed for cabinets (such as latex paints). This results in adhesio and durability issues.


Superior Technology

Our Lightspeed® Nano system is used to instantly cure your cabinets. We bring the power of strong, factory-finishes into your home.


Inferior Technology

Cabinets are often painted with a paintbrush (resulting in brush strokes) and left to air-dry (leaving the new paint susceptible to dust, smudges, dripping, and fingerprints).


Superior Process

Our process ensures the highest quality finish. We clean the cabinets, prep and seal, prime, spray paint, and cure with UV light.


Inferior Process

With other cabinet painters, the process will vary from painter to painter. Some will omit steps such as cleaning the cabinets, priming, and/or applying a top coat.

cabinet painting flandreau
kitchen cabinet painting flandreau
kitchen cabinet painters flandreau

A process for achieving your dream kitchen

Unlike other wood refinishers in Flandreau, we use an innovative process that uses products made specifically for cabinets. Our proprietary Lightspeed® Nano Instant-Cure UV technology instantly cures the paint and final topcoat. This means you don’t have to wait for your cabinets to dry and they’ll be ready for immediate use.

  • Before-CustomColorFinishes

    Before CustomColorFinishes After

  • Before-Custom Color Finish
    After-Custom Color Finish

    Before Custom Color Finish After

  • Before-Custom Color Finish
    After-Custom Color Finish

    Before Custom Color Finish After

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