Choosing the best cabinet material can greatly impact both the style of your space and how your cabinets will hold up to daily wear and use. 

You can have a beautiful cabinet material that meets your needs and also the look and design you’ve envisioned for your kitchen. And with cabinet refinishing, N-Hance can help you bring this to life for less. 

Enjoy a fresh, modern look in your home plus the durability you need from your cabinets with N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Sioux Falls on your side! Here are some of the most common wood types for cabinets and some considerations for selecting the best fit in your home. 

Cabinet Materials To Choose From

  • Oak. Choose from either red or white oak. Red is durable, strong, and has a stunning natural grain. White features a more subtle grain with a golden tone and is just as durable. 
  • Maple. Maple is characterized by its fine grain. It looks beautiful stained or left natural with a protective finish. It’s less dense than oak and often comes at a higher price point. 
  • Hickory. This light, pale yellow wood has unique grain and character and looks stunning when left natural, too. 
  • Cherry. Cherry is a highly durable choice that’s also elegant and versatile. It has a smooth, fine grain and reddish brown undertones that make it easy to spot in a lineup! 
  • Birch. If you’re looking for a less expensive substitute for cherry or maple, birch is a great option. It also has a fine grain but a slightly darker color and is just as durable. 
  • Ash. This light-colored wood is very durable and a popular choice for custom cabinetry. 
  • Pine. This pale yellow, softer wood tends to dent more easily but it stains well and is an excellent cost-effective choice. 

Cabinet Refinishing In Sioux Falls

Our team can help you know the best ways to paint, stain, and maintain your specific cabinet wood type and make sure it lasts for years to come. 

N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Sioux Falls services all of Sioux Falls including Brandon, Brookings, Harrisburg, and Tea.

Contact our team today to get started on your cabinet refinishing project!