Cabinets get dirty fast—even if they do a good job at hiding it. Cabinet surfaces are bombarded with smudges, grime, and more on a daily basis, so it matters to clean and maintain them often. 

N-Hance of Northwest Jersey specializes in cabinet refinishing in Warren, and knows how to care for cabinets from top to bottom. By keeping your cabinets clean and also utilizing cabinet refinishing when needed, you can help add years to their lifespan. 

Deep cleaning cabinets can be simple, and also be implemented seamlessly into your regular routine with the following tips: 

  • Choose the highest quality cleaning solutions on your cabinets, like Murphy’s Oil Soap or another eco-friendly option. 
  • You can also try making your own cleaning solution at home using warm water, vinegar, and dishwashing detergent. 
  • Use a soft cloth to gently clean your cabinet surfaces. 
  • Rather than vigorously scrubbing, gently rub the solution over your cabinets and repeat as needed. 
  • Avoid oversaturating your cleaning cloth with solution as this can damage the cabinet finish. Instead, get it lightly damp. 
  • Take care to polish the hardware on your cabinets, too. 
  • Use a toothbrush to clean crevices and caked on stains. 
  • Scrub down the inside of your cabinet boxes as well. 
  • Once your cabinets are thoroughly clean, use another cloth damp with just warm water to remove any leftover soapy residue. 
  • Dry your cabinets using another soft towel. 
  • Periodically buff your cabinets using vegetable oil and vinegar until they shine. 

Cabinet Refinishing In Warren

If your cabinets are excessively worn, outdated, or damaged, N-Hance of Northwest Jersey can help reverse even years of significant wear. Enjoy cabinets that look as good as new for a price that can fit comfortably within virtually every budget with N-Hance.

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