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Q. What is N-Hance Wood Refinishing?
A. N-Hance is a revolutionary process that restores the shine, durability, and luster to household and commercial wood surfaces. Our revolutionary and proprietary finishes are formulated by our very own research and development team. They continually evaluate, improve, and test our products to make sure they are category leaders with the industry’s best finishes.

Q. What is the N-Hance process?
A. Your N-Hance of Northwest Jersey technician will:

  • Clean the cabinets
  • Prep and seal the cabinets
  • Apply primer
  • Apply custom color
  • Apply Lightspeed®

If you’re interested in learning more about the steps of our process, check out our Step By Step Process page.

Q. Will the N-Hance process work on any wood floor or cabinets?
A. Yes! There are over 22 different types of wood used in residential and commercial flooring and cabinet applications. Our process is compatible with every type of wood and every type of wood floor or cabinet finish.

Q. How long does the N-Hance finish last?
A. The longevity of your wood surface finish is dependent on several factors including floor traffic, pets, and your practice of maintenance. As far as protection from general usage, you can expect many years of protection and durability. Keep in mind that surface scratches are part of normal wear and tear on your floor and cabinet finish, and these can become noticeable in as little as two years if not properly taken care of. If surface scratches are a concern, we suggest our N-Hance Clean and Recoat process. Remember, the better you protect your wood surfaces from damage, the longer your finish will stay beautiful!

Q. Can the N-Hance work on a floor that has been hidden under a wall-to-wall carpet?
A. Yes! We frequently refinish floors that have been covered with wall to wall carpet. Keep in mind that not all floors are candidates for the N-Hance process. Ask your N-Hance of Northwest Jersey technician for additional information.

Q. Does the N-Hance process work on cabinets?
A. Yes! Our process for cabinet refinishing in Warren, Newton, Branchburg, and surrounding areas is ideal for cabinets and a great alternative to the high cost of a full kitchen renovation. We can bring back the shine, shield, and luster to any wood surface. We can also completely change the color of your cabinets to fit your style!

Q. I have deep scratches and dings on my wood surfaces. Can N-Hance of Northwest Jersey remove those imperfections?
A. Our proprietary process can repair and camouflage defects in your wood surfaces, but the only way to totally remove imperfections is to sand the surface of the wood. Sanding wood floors is not dust free, odor-free, or convenient — that’s why we offer Non-Sandable Floor Refinishing!

Q. How long will it take?
A. The length of a project depends on the size of your kitchen, bathroom, or floors. But normally, most projects take a few days to complete. Ask your N-Hance of Northwest Jersey technicians for more details.

Q. Will the N-Hance process work on laminate flooring?
A. No. A laminate floor is simply a photograph glued to a substrate with a plasticized coating. Our process only renews the shine, shield, and luster on wood surfaces.

Q. Will the N-Hance process work on Pre-Finished flooring?
A. We love Pre-Finished or Factory Finished floors, and our process is ideal for this type of flooring!

cabinet color options for cabinet painting in newtonQ. Can I change the color of my cabinets?
A. Yes! With our Custom Color Change, you can change the color of your cabinets. We love dramatic color changes that completely change the look of your kitchen or bathroom!

Q. Will the N-Hance process work on pastel (whitewash) finishes?
A. Yes! We can restore worn areas, correct ambering (yellowing), and renew the luster to your pastel finishes.

Q. Does N-Hance provide in-home price estimates?
A. Yes! It is important that we understand the scope of work and determine what your expectations are. Since your wood floors and cabinets are one of the largest expenses in your home, it is important that you understand what we can do for you! You can schedule a price estimate using this online form or contact us at (973) 862-5069.

Q. After the N-Hance process is complete how do I protect my new finish?
A. Your N-Hance of Northwest Jersey technician will talk to you about proper care and maintenance of your cabinets or floors once the process is complete. We’ll make sure to review cleaning instructions, use of furniture pads, pet instructions, and more!

Q. I have worn and stained areas from my pet, can N-Hance help?
A. In most cases. Oftentimes, people don’t understand that the pads of your dog’s feet are like sandpaper. Every time your dog goes from a dead stop to a full run they are essentially sanding the surface of your floor with their paws. Our process is self-leveling and will fill in surface scratches that are created by household pets; however, pets must remain off of your new N-Hance finish for a specific amount of time.

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