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Holiday Decorating Ideas

Making your kitchen feel like a space that’s both welcoming and functional can be done in simple, affordable ways. But if you want an even more luxurious look for less money, try cabinet refinishing in Buford, GA! At N-Hance of Suwanee, we pride ourselves on leading the industry in cabinet refinishing. It’s not an easy […]

How To Know When Your Cabinets Need Refinishing

You can think two things at once. First, you think your kitchen looks outdated. Second, you don’t want to spend all your savings on a costly remodel. So what’s the solution? It’s cabinet refinishing in Suwanee, GA. The kitchen might be the most impactful room in the home. It’s definitely the most memorable. And if […]

Cabinet Painting from N-Hance of Suwanee

Cabinet painting is a popular choice for homeowners who want to update their kitchen or bathroom without undertaking a major renovation. N-Hance’s cabinet painting in Sugar Hill, GA is an affordable way to achieve a high-end look for your home. Our experienced and skilled cabinet painters work all over the U.S. and can help you […]

3 Ideas To Transform Your Kitchen

Stop thinking that your dream kitchen is out of reach or our of budget. The truth is, with budget-friendly options like cabinet painting in Sugar Hill, GA, you can make your dream kitchen a reality. Here at N-Hance of Suwanee, we specialize in upgrading kitchens with affordable solutions. These aren’t just better for your budget, […]

3 Tips For Deciding Between Local Cabinet Painting Companies

Have you struggled knowing how to choose between competing cabinet painting companies? For most decisions, trial-and-error is the best way to learn. If you try a burger at one venue and don’t like it, now you know not to go back. It’s not as easy or risk-free when it comes to cabinet painting in Sugar […]

Recovering From A Bad DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting Job

While it may look simple in DIY videos, kitchen cabinet painting is actually a tricky job. There’s room for a lot of mistakes to be made along the way. That said, it really pays to hire a pro to do your cabinet painting in Dacula, GA. If you are currently suffering from a bad do-it-yourself […]

Why Not Just Paint Over Cabinets?

Are your worn-out cabinets driving you mad? You may be considering new kitchen cabinets! With brand new kitchen cabinets comes a heavy price tag and an egregious waiting time for supplies and laborers. This leads to many starting their own project of cabinet painting in Dacula, GA.  DIY cabinet painting seems like a great way […]

Why Right Now is the Best Time for Cabinet Refacing

The days are longer. The weather is beautiful. The birds are chirping. This means one thing: Spring has arrived. Consequently, spring cleaning is on the horizon. Maybe you have a long to-do list or maybe you don’t even have a list. Regardless of your list’s size, there is one must-have on your spring cleaning list: cabinet […]

Getting Ready to Refinish Cabinets? Check Out Trends for 2022

Today’s kitchens are the heart of every home and yours should be beautiful! Wishing you had new cabinets? When you refinish cabinets in Buford, GA, you get all the beauty of new cabinets at a lower cost and with a faster turnaround. What’s not to love about that option? During the past two years, many […]

The Best Cabinet Painters Near Me

Plug “cabinet painters near me” into any search engine and you’ll get a variety of results. It can be difficult to understand the difference between each and hard to put your trust in the hands of someone you don’t know. However, when you consider N-Hance®, you will enjoy a number of advantages that set us […]

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