Start your new year fresh and clean with N-Hance! Looking to bring back the sparkle in your home? N-Hance Three Rivers can offer you the best services the new year for your floors, cabinets, and granite countertops, to make them look new again! After this long year, your home deserves a fresh, clean look. Let N-Hance Three Rivers be your provider for the best floor, cabinets, and granite services available.  

what is N-Hance

Wood Floor Refinishing

With N-Hance’s floor refinishing, we can make your floors look new again. We’ve all spent so much time at home this year, our floors are starting to show it. Enhance the look of your home with our floor refinishing!

Cabinet Refacing

Is it time to change up your cabinets? With N-Hance we can give your kitchen and bathroom cabinets the best refacing there is to offer. Bring in new, enhanced looks to your new year and create the kitchen and bathroom look you truly desire

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Granite Refinishing

Not only can we offer you the best cabinets, but the best granite refinishing as well. Let us be the ones to help enhance your home by refinishing your granite. This refinishing not only adds sparkle to your countertops, but also cleans 98.4% of bacteria from countertops, keeping your family safe and healthy this new year.  

Here at N-Hance Three Rivers we want you to start your new year off the right way. Call 412-407-9095 today to schedule your appointment and put your new year on the right track.