Hardwood floors are a beautiful staple in many American homes, and they have long been a part of American home-building tradition.

The hardwood floors that we are familiar with in the United States today were influenced by wood floors in Europe, which originally could only be afforded by royalty and the ultra-wealthy, because their installation was so labor-intensive. These early wood floors were very literally “sanded,” or worn smooth by being scraped with handfuls of sand by laborers on their hands and knees.

Early wood floors also required a great deal of maintenance and upkeep; most of them were sealed with wax, which needed to be buffed away and re-applied regularly.

Hardwood flooring gained popularity among settlers in Colonial America, because wood was more available in North America. Instead of sanding the floor, settlers allowed foot traffic to wear down and smooth the boards over the course of generations. They thus avoided the rigorous sanding process, but also had to constantly wear socks and shoes in the house to avoid getting splinters.

For early Americans, wood floors were a very practical option. Wood is a natural insulator, and kept homes warmer than stone or dirt floors. Additionally, hardwood floors did not allow the same dust and mud to invade the home as dirt floors did. Finally, these floors were long-lasting, because when properly cared for, a hardwood floor can last for hundreds of years.

Beyond being practical, hardwood floors made early American homes beautiful as well.  Parquetry, or intricately arranging small pieces of wood together to form elegant patterns, was a popular choice in early America.

The end of WWII brought with it the ability to produce affordable carpeting, which resulted in hardwood flooring losing popularity. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the classic hardwood look made a resurgence.

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