Summer in Pittsburgh means hamburgers, hammocks, and humidity. Not only does humidity wreak havoc on your hair, it can also hurt the wood cabinets in your home.

Natural wood expands and contracts to match the humidity level of the environment around it. When wood is in a moist environment, whether due to direct contact with water or exposure to a humid environment, that water will permeate the wood and cause it to swell. That means in order to protect your cabinets from rubbing or even warping, it is important to maintain a standard humidity level in your home (experts recommend 35% – 50%), pay attention to factors that might increase humidity in a particular room (such as steam from a stove or in the bathroom), and quickly wipe away any water spills or drips as soon as they happen.

Kitchen with Open Windows in Summer

It may seem unnecessary to worry about water permeating the finished wood in your kitchen or bathroom, because many believe that the layer of finish seals the wood completely against water. This is actually untrue, and although finish will significantly slow the rate at which water saturates wood, it is still important to be mindful of the environment that your cabinets are in.

Lack of humidity can be just as dangerous to wood cabinets. In dry environments, cabinets shrink, and run the risk of cracking. Be especially careful of this in the wintertime, when your heater will dry out your house.

Because cabinets are dark and sheltered, a damp cabinet is also a perfect breeding ground for mold and other fungi. In addition to maintaining a healthy climate for wood, it is important to regularly clean and inspect your cabinets for leaks.

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