Cabinet Refacing Pittsburgh PA

When homeowners decide they want to update their homes, the first thought is to rip out and replace the cabinets. This is an unnecessary messs and expensive project for you to have o deal with. N-Hance offers alternative to this mess and expensive project. N-Hance’s® cabinet refinishing brings the best value and results to your kitchen or bathroom. Rather than replacing the entire cabinet unit or refacing with new cabinet doors, you can simply update the outside to make it look fresh and brand new.

What choice will help me out most in the long run? While you’re considering these questions, read here to find out the difference between Pittsburgh cabinet refacing and N-Hance’s Wood Renewal Process.

Cabinet Refacing Pittsburgh PA

Cabinet refacing isn’t a bad option. There are many people who have brought back the life of their cabinets with this process. On top of that, it’s much cheaper than getting rid of them. But is it the best option? We’re trying our best here at N-Hance to help everyone rethink refinishing, and other wood renewal services. With the following methods, we can help bring your cabinets back to life, saving you time, money and frustration:

Classic Cabinet Refinishing

Basic Cabinet Renewal

Our Classic Cabinet Refinishing job is where it all starts. We don’t go as far as actually changing or shifting the color of those cabinets. Also, with the ingredients used, along with the application process, it causes minimal wear on the wood surface. We remove the grease and dirt quickly, and touch up those cabinets as needed.

People seem to love the fact that there is just no mess! With no dust or odor created in the renewal process, and by completing the job in just one day, most people are nothing but happy with the new elegant finishes and brilliant results.

Cabinet Color Shift

Cabinet Color Shift

Sometimes a Classic Cabinet Refinishing job just doesn’t cut it. Because of that, we offer a Cabinet Color Shift that will warm the tone of the wood. By not covering the wood grain and removing the “yellow” look that aged wood can get, you will notice a much brighter kitchen.

While this process does take a little bit longer than the basic renewal process (typically 2-3 days), you can be confident of these two things:

  1. You will save money, when compared to the cost of traditional refinishing
  2. You will avoid the hassle, time and frustration of doing it all on your own

Cabinet Color Change

Cabinet Color Change

Our custom Cabinet Color Changes make those beautiful pieces pop. Instead of just giving your kitchen a warmer feel, you can have much more variety! In most cases, people choose to go from a lighter tone (golden oak or whitewash finish) to much darker tones (cherry, walnut and black tone are most popular). This transformation really sticks out!

This 3-5 day process will change the entire look of your kitchen! You will have people wondering if you replaced your cabinets, when you simply changed the color.

Custom Painted Finishes

Cabinet painting - custom color finishes

Our Opaque Cabinet Finishes are becoming increasingly popular. We allow the natural beauty of your cabinets to stay in tact, while also saturating the wood with a rich, beautiful color. These unique finishes will help you to have that white or colored look that is trendy right now.

With our 4 finish techniques (Glazed, Antiqued, Burnished and Vintage), combined with years of experience, we can help you choose the best color, and perfect solution to renovating your kitchen. On top of that, it’ll cost 1/3rd the cost of refacing and 1/5th the cost of replacing those cabinets.

We try our hardest to provide you a service that works beautifully, and is affordable! Call us today at (412) 407-9095! If you’re looking to touch up your older kitchen cabinets, or want to change the entire look and feel, we can help you!

Call N-Hance Three Rivers today at 412-407-9095 for the best cabinet refacing Pittsburgh has to offer! We have many options for you!

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