Halloween is almost here! Did you know that some of the scariest things live in your Pittsburgh home? These little monsters won’t be seen, but they are creeping through your home. SCARY! These tiny bugs can be harmful for your family and cause major health concerns. We want to help you protect your family and keep your home clean. Learn how to reduce these scary things in your home!


Bacteria is lingering in your home without you knowing! Our process helps to kill and reduce bacteria in your home. N-Hance Three Rivers is transforming the cabinet and hardwood floor refinishing industry with our new Lightspeed Plus™ anti-microbial UV finish. Lightspeed Plus™ keeps homes healthier by reducing bacteria growth by 99% and effectively inhibiting the growth of dangerous microbes such as E. Coli, Staph, and other harmful bacteria.


Mold is much easier to detect because you can see it (most of the time)! Keeping your home free from moisture and clean is often difficult, especially in a bathroom. If you have wood cabinets in a bathroom, be sure to be extra cautious with drying out the room and keeping water off your cabinets!


There are definitely some simple steps you can take to make allergies more bearable. We suggest vacuuming often, because allergens find themselves in your carpets and furniture. Also, make sure that you are changing the filters in your home often. They can get clogged up and start to become less effective.

Dust Mites

These ones will suck your blood! And we aren’t kidding! Dust mites aren’t harmful, but the worst thing is knowing that they are there….yuck! Under a microscope they look like spiders. That is not something that I want in my home! There are many natural remedies to rid your home of dust mites, but our favorite we found is “Don’t Make Your Bed.” Let your bedding air out after sleeping in it to let it dry!

N-Hance Three Rivers is here for your cabinet and floor refinishing needs in Pittsburgh! Our services can help reduce bacteria in your home. Check out our Lightspeed Plus™ process today!