No matter the style of cabinets you have, the hardware is the finishing touch on a your kitchen design.
Of course you will want choose hardware that works well with your cabinets finish and style. But there is also an opportunity to highlight a color or style present in your counter-top, light fixtures, faucet, tile or paint. Here are some examples, along with tips on how to choose pulls and knobs that can make your kitchen design pop.


Do your cabinets feature an exposed hinge?
If your cabinets feature exposed hinges, you should choose hardware with a finish that is an exact match. On this wall of white cabinets, oil rubbed bronze knobs subtly complement the exposed hinge barrels giving these cabinets a seamless effect.

Use bar pulls with correct proportions
Contemporary bar pulls that are proportionate to the width and height of the doors and drawers provide a balanced, modern look in this kitchen. Choosing a stainless finish to coordinate with the appliances, sink and faucet is really a smart design move.

Choose hardware to complement a light fixture
This oil-rubbed bronze cabinet hardware complements the color and look of the chandelier over the island. You can see this theme carry over into the entry way with stain on the banister. The deep color contrasts and thus enhances the look of the hand rubbed glazed cabinets.

Hardware can promote the look of your faucet, making it a prominent feature
The gorgeous white kitchen above features contemporary styling with copper knobs and drawer pulls that match the theme established by the faucet and finished with some very unique corner buckles.

Cup pulls can create the country kitchen look
Cup style drawer pulls perfectly complement a farmhouse styled backsplash or country kitchen look. Use them with flat or raised panel drawer fronts, as opposed to a recessed panel drawer front, because it limits access to the pull.

Quality takes priority over price
Cabinet knobs and pulls are the work horse of your kitchen, so quality is important. Feel the back of a pull or knob; it should be a solid piece with the design alloy all the way through, not a thin piece of pressed metal. It’s easy to find the best prices online, and often include customer reviews. Ordering samples may be a bit costly but will save you years of regret if you pick the wrong hardware.