Cabinet Door Replacement Vs. Traditional Cabinet Refacing

Often, when people want to update their homes, the first thought is to rip out and replace the cabinets. This can lead to an unnecessarily messy and expensive project. Cabinet refacing is one alternative to consider but when you decide that you want to update the cabinets in your kitchen you want the best value. N-Hance’s® cabinet refinishing brings the best value and results. Rather than replacing the entire cabinet unit, you can simply update them with new doors and a custom color to make it look fresh and brand new.  This process saves thousands over traditional refacing methods and gives you a higher quality kitchen. Its a win win.

Your Kitchen Remodel Shouldn’t Break The Bank…

… and with Nhance’s cabinet door replacement service, it doesn’t have to! Traditionally, kitchen cabinet refacing encompasses applying wood veneers (skins) to the cabinet frames and replaces the doors and drawers. With Nhance Wood Refinishing, we make it even easier! We bypass the application of frame skins. Instead, we use our patented custom color cabinet refinishing process on your frames. We then use real, raw wood (of your choosing) to replace your doors and drawers. We then finish with the color and protective sheen of your choice.

Traditional cabinet refacing vs. Nhance Unifour’s process

Traditional cabinet refacing Nhance Unifour’s Process
Average completion time 3-5 days 1-3 days (~5 days for custom colors)
Grease/dirt removal Yes Yes
Works with existing cabinet doors No Yes
Moisture resistant Dependent on provider Yes
Heat resistant Dependent on provider Yes
Scratch resistant Dependent on provider Yes
Impact resistant Dependent on provider Yes
Average cost $10,000+ ⅓ traditional costs

What wood should I choose for door replacement?

We try to match the species of your cabinet frames when selecting your new door and drawer front profiles. However, sometimes the wood species is determined by the end goal. Are you wanting a solid color/painted cabinet? In these cases, hard maple would be the wood of choice for its fine grain and smooth finish. We may use a different wood species, based on your goals and choices. We have access to over 18 different wood species, including: maple, oak, cherry, alder, and more!

Color Options

Nhance Unifour offers hundreds of color options to choose from, meaning you have a near-endless array of options in how you want your kitchen to look. Nhance Unifour will even help you choose, walking you through the process of deciding which finish perfectly suits your style. After selecting from our wide variety of colors, you can also customize the look with a finishing technique such as a glaze, antiqued,look or other accenting.


Why Choose Cabinet Refacing/Door Replacement?

Most cabinet frames (boxes) are made of real, solid plywood but a lot of side panels and doors are made of composite wood material to allow cabinet manufacturers and customers to save money. Years down the road- sometimes just months- the doors begin to chip and fall apart. In other cases, the kitchen cabinets are simply aged and out of date, not able to keep up with trends. From old-school, raised arch profiles to knotty pine and belt strap hinges, we’ve seen it all!

We can replace your existing cabinet doors with solid wood of any species and in any profile style you’d like! From Shaker to Slab, from Maple to Cherry, or something totally customized, we can transform your kitchen without the hassle and cost of new cabinets. In most cases, we are in and out in 3-5 days and you can use your kitchen during most of that time! No counter tops or fixtures to remove and put back, no emptying of cabinets and drawers required, and no odor or dust! We ensure the protection of your appliances, dishes, and fixtures without having to move them and the process can be done with pets and kids still in the home.