Custom Color Cabinet Refinishing

Instead of refacing or replacing your cabinets, our cabinet color change involves restaining or painting and refinishing your cabinets with our unique protective coating. Your cabinets will enjoy a completely new look for a fraction of what it costs to reface or replace them. Nhance Unifour’s custom color cabinet refinishing services are the perfect way to beautify older cabinets and breathe new life into your kitchen. Even better, our process takes only a few days to complete. With Nhance Unifour, you can easily transform the look of your cabinets for less money, in less time, and with less hassle compared to traditional restaining and with higher quality and durability than standard painting.

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Why N-Hance Cabinet Color Change Services?

A cabinet color change is the perfect way to update your cabinets and the palette of your kitchen, without burning a hole in your wallet. While your current cabinets might appear drab and outdated, a simple color change can give them — and your kitchen — a stunning new look.

Our cabinet color change services are similar to the process we use for cabinet refinishing. During the consultation phase, we will provide color samples and a detailed project estimate. The color change process itself will be performed by a team of trained professionals, who will clean, prep, stain, and finish your cabinets using high-quality products and careful craftsmanship.

We will then cure your cabinets using Lightspeed®, which instantly cures cabinet finishes via ultraviolet light. The entire process takes only 3-5 days for typical projects, which is significantly faster than traditional restaining methods. In most cases, we will remove cabinet faces so that they can be prepped, stained, and finished in our workshop, making our services minimally disruptive.

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Better Than Cabinet Painting

Backed by a research and development team, N-Hance Wood Refinishing provides a quality of service that exceeds the competition. Why? Because refinishing is better than painting, with durability and precision that cannot be matched with paint and primer. Painted cabinets are known to chip, peel, and wear extremely quickly. Cabinet painters also tend to use oil-based paint products that have harmful levels of VOC and harsh fumes. Our process uses safe, low-VOC proprietary products from start to completion, allows the customer use of their kitchen and bath throughout the project, and is backed by a satisfaction guarantee and multi-year warranty. With the N-Hance method, cabinets are refinished to a factory standard and appear brand new!

What is ‘refinishing’?

Cabinets go through a lengthy milling and manufacturing process to get from a cut-down tree to a finished product. Along the way, the raw wood is finely milled, thoroughly sealed from moisture and bacteria, colored, and layered with a protective finish. The protective finish acts as the first line of defense against heat, oils, moisture, and grime that builds up over time in a home. As such, it is the first to wear down. Once the protective finish has worn, cabinets begin to look dull, discolored, and dirty. More so, the raw wood fibers are at risk for collecting moisture and bacteria, which leads to mold and other terrible things.

Refinishing provides us with a way to redo the factory process years after the fact. We apply the same principles as when the cabinets were made: clean, seal, color, protect.

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Why Choose N-Hance of Northwest Charlotte?

Nhance Unifour is an independently owned and operated franchise of N-Hance Wood Refinishing. That means that the service and professional we provide are clients is that of a small business: easy, safe, local, and affordable. We service Hickory, Huntersville, Davidson, Newton, Cornelius, and Conover. We have the backing of a well-developed research and development sector of a franchise. When we complete a service, you can rest easy knowing that the trial and error phase has been left at the lab. The results you can expect are: reliable technicians, a quality customer service team to handle your project from day 0 to completion, and a kitchen or bathroom of your dreams!

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