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Hardwood floors need constant care to stay in good shape.  With N-Hance’s decades of experience in hardwood floor refinishing we have picked up some tips to help keep your floors looking fresh and clean.  Here’s what we have learned:

Daily Wood Floor Cleaning

When you take the time to clean your wood floor daily, you can help them last longer in the long run.  You can remove dirt and dust from your floors with a microfiber cloth or mop.  Try and avoid rough brooms that can scratch wood surfaces.  

Weekly Wood Floor Cleaning

You should be vacuuming and mopping your hardwood floors on a weekly basis.  Remember to put your vacuum on a setting that is gentle on wood floors.  When mopping try not to use too much water.  Too much moisture can damage wood floors, so always remember that gentle is best!

Monthly Wood Floor Cleaning

It’s a good idea to polish your hardwood floors every month!  This can help you renew the protective finish, fill in small scratches, and nourish wood surfaces.

Yearly Wood Floor Cleaning

If you are wanting to keep your hardwood floors in good shape you should have them deep cleaned on an annual basis.  You should also think about scheduling wood floor refinishing every couple of years.  This process helps repair deep damage, scratches, and renews the protective finish on your hardwood floors.

Advanced Wood Floor Care Tips

The tips above should help you keep your floors looking good.  When in doubt, it is a good idea to place mats or rugs in high-traffic areas to protect your floors.  Always try to avoid using vinegar, or super soapy cleaners on your hardwood floors.

Wood Floor Refinishing In Rochester, NY

N-Hance of Western New York is your partner in caring for and preserving your hardwood floors.  We offer the best professional wood refinishing service in Rochester, NY.  We can’t wait to put our industry-leading methods to work in your home so that you can enjoy beautiful hardwood floors for decades to come.

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