Getting a professional estimate or bid from N-Hance of Cary and Durham is easy. All you have to do is give us a call, and we can go over your wood cabinet painting project. We can now do Virtual Estimates over the phone! We just have you send us the information needed for a complete professional cabinet painting or wood refinishing bid, and it just takes just a couple minutes of your time. After we receive this information, we can set up a time to do the Virtual Estimate to talk about your cabinet painting or wood refinishing project in more detail. 

Professional Cabinet Painting with N-Hance of Cary and Durham

N-Hance of Cary and Durham provides high quality professional cabinet painting services for your home. With N-Hance of Cary and Durham, we clean your cabinets, we prime your cabinets, and then we’ll mix your paint color with an acrylic polyurethane blend that resists chipping and peeling. We apply it using a spraying process that’s similar to the approach used with factory-finish cabinets. It includes three to five coats, providing a smooth and uniform finish across all of your cabinets. 

After painting your kitchen cabinets, N-Hance of Cary and Durham also uses advanced technology to apply a clear top-coat and then cure it instantly with an ultraviolet light. This process is called our Lightspeed® Nano system and provides maximum durability, as well as protection against bacteria. In fact, it reduces bacteria growth on your cabinets by 99%*, keeping your home and family healthier. 

To get a quote from N-Hance of Cary and Durham, please give us a call at 919-901-1333 so we can have you send us photos of your kitchen and give you a bid today!