Cabinet Refinishing Cary, North Carolina

Cary Cabinet Refinishing

Classic Cabinet Refinishing

In Cary, wood cabinet refinishing just got easier! We have many great options instead of traditional remodeling, and you’ll be amazed at the results. Are you troubled about sanding and dust, a long time without the use of your kitchen, project delays, or overpaying in order to have a kitchen you love? Don’t be! Cary wood cabinet refinishing services range from refinishing to cabinet staining or painting! You can have dark rich stains that provide luxury and sophistication, or a painted look that is on-trend.

Cary Cabinet Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen cabinets take a beating every day. We see this all the time in Cary and you shouldn’t have to do a huge remodel to get your cabinets looking new again. N-Hance of Cary and Durham offers a classic cabinet refinishing option which will put life back into your cabinets and kitchen. There is no huge mess and dust from sanding, and most of the time it will only take a single day to complete. It doesn’t get much better than that! From now on, your cabinets can always look their best.

Cary Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling

Have you heard about us from a friend or family? Maybe you have seen us on the internet? N-Hance of Cary and Durham is local, licensed, insured, and has undergone a thorough background-screening process. You can have your dream kitchen makeover with N-Hance of Cary and Durham in Cary, North Carolina! Also, check us out our reviews to see what other customers have to say.

Hear what our customers have to say:

My kitchen cabinets are over 20 years old. There was evidence of grease, grime, discoloration & degradation of finish. I hated them so much I refused to turn on the overhead light. I contacted N-Hance with the hope something could be done to renew my cabinets. All I can say is “WOW!” Within a few short days, the luster, shine & finish were restored. There was a new look & feel to my cookspace. My kitchen was not torn apart & did not have to be cleared out. There was no odor, mess or dust. From my initial call to the turn of the last screw, the entire team was knowledgeable, professional & friendly. I can finally turn on my kitchen light! Thank you! Next project-wood floors!


Call today for a free estimate for the best classic cabinet refinishing Cary has to offer at (919) 901-1333.

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