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N-Hance 2013 National Convention

2013N-Hance National Convention

N-Hance franchisees from all over the United States and Canada have met together for their Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida.

The National N-Hance Convention gives franchisees skills to help clients understand the renewal process and how to serve their clients better.

The big news was the introduction of Lightspeed ™ instant cure UV refinishing.

There were lots of opportunities to learn something new and improve the process that makes the N-Hance system better than ever.

Please call your N-Hance team in Grover Beach, California  at  805-473-9663  for all the possibilities for your wood cabinets, floors, trims & furniture to be renewed to their original beauty.

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N-Hance – Featured on Inc.com and CNBC

Excerpts Published: Tuesday, 3 Jul 2012 | 11:22 AM ET

N-Hance received some wonderful National Visibility CNBC and Inc.com.

Looking for the perfect location for your new retail business? Consider setting up shop inside a “big box” retail store.

That’s what has worked for N-Hance Wood Renewal, a franchise service that renews wood floors and cabinets with polyurethane, refreshing the finish and changing the color, if desired, at a much lower cost than traditional refinishing or replacement.

About 40 percent of N-Hance’s business comes from its kiosks inside Home Depot Stores. N-Hance first began selling franchises in 2006, and there are now 200 franchises operating kiosks in 1,400 of Home Depot’s 1,900 locations.

Setting up shop inside a big box store brings challenges you wouldn’t face when opening a storefront.

It’s well worth the effort, according to Ben Davis, president of N-Hance. Here are four reasons why:

Customers come to you.

Eighty percent of Americans who are considering doing something with their kitchens walk into a Home Depot,” he says. “We can send our franchisees to set up shop exactly where our customers are. It’s like opening a lemonade stand after thirsty kids are already lined up down the block.”

You get credibility.

Having our offering within Home Depot gives it great credibility. People who might have wondered about the quality of our service will think, ‘I’m sure if they weren’t able to delight customers, Home Depot wouldn’t let them sell within its stores.’”

Raising money is a snap.

Big chains don’t like doing things on a small scale. “It’s uninteresting to them,” Davis says. So if you’re a small company, the best approach is to either start with a regional chain and then move up to a national chain once you’re established, or start with a few stores within a national chain, but be prepared to ramp up quickly.

You can get richer, faster.

“A couple of carpet installers I know set up in Home Depot a few years ago,” Davis says. Last time I talked to them, they had about $50 million in revenue a year. They could not have grown that quickly on their own. You just can’t replicate the distribution or foot traffic.”

By: Minda Zetlin, Inc.

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N-Hance Photo Before & After Contest

We are excited to share  the results of the Before & After Contest N-Hance has been having with the franchises on Facebook.

All the pictures entered had 1000+ Likes on Facebook.  This is awesome and it provides a great exposure of what the N-Hance brand is and what N-Hance does. What a great way to see all the beautiful possibilities N-Hance can do for your home or business with no dust, mess or harmful odors.

First Place goes to Mike & Vanessa Rozo – From San Luis Obispo, California

1st place

Second Place goes to David Lantow – From San Francisco, California

2ns place

Third Place is Roger Christianson – From Hudsonville, Michigan

3rd place

The most photos submitted goes to Spokane – Blake, Pace & Cox.  They merged 268 before & after pictures on Facebook. WOW!

Judges Choice – Kevin & Lorie Dupee – From Medford, Oregon

judges choice

Please call your local N-Hance wood professionals in Grover Beach or San Luis Obispo, California at 805-473-9663 for a free consultation for your home or business. You will be amazed when you see all the possibilities that are available.

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N-Hance in the Daytona 500

N-Hance Signs Sponsorship Deal With Front Row Motorsports For Daytona 500

LOGAN, UTAH – N-Hance, a national wood refinishing company and sister company to Chem-Dry, the nations leading carpet cleaner, sponsored NASCAR Sprint Cup driver David Ragan’s No. 34 Ford in Sunday’s Daytona 500. This sponsorship marked the company’s first association with the nation’s fastest-growing sport and an opportunity to introduce millions to the N-Hance brand.

Ragan’s crew chief, Jay Guy, is a new Chem-Dry franchise owner in the Charlotte, N.C., area. Guy approached Chem-Dry home office staff about sponsoring Ragan’s car, one of three entries in the race from Front Row Motorsports, and the two sides quickly worked out a deal.

“We’re excited to be associated with NASCAR and Front Row Motorsports. This is a tremendous chance for N-Hance to increase its profile on racing’s biggest stage,” said Dan Tarantin, president and CEO of Harris Research Inc., N-Hance’s parent company. “Our sponsorship also illustrates our commitment to our franchise owners and receptiveness to their ideas. We’re committed to helping all our owners develop robust client bases and maximize their profitability.”

N-Hance’s associate sponsorship secured space behind each of the No. 34 Ford’s rear fenders for a N-Hance decal. The deal gives N-Hance marketing rights to use Ragan’s likeness in advertising and other materials; the two parties are open to N-Hance sponsoring Front Row cars in other Sprint Cup races this year, including the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte on May 27.

“We’re a small, relatively new, emerging team, and this is just one more partner we have in our portfolio that’s an emerging company. That seems to be the best fit as far as sponsorship partners for Front Row,” said Jerry Freeze, Front Row Motorsports’ general manager. “For us, it just further validates our approach to seek sponsorships from emerging brands.”

Statesville, N.C.-based Front Row Motorsports, owned by Tennessee native and restaurant entrepreneur Bob Jenkins, has established itself as one of the rising teams in NASCAR since its founding in 2004. The team earned five top-20 finishes in 2010 and had another successful year in 2011, marked by driver David Gilliland’s third-place finish in the Daytona 500.

The Daytona 500, nicknamed “The Great American Race,” is stock car racing’s largest and most prestigious event. It kicks off the season for the Sprint Cup Series, NASCAR’s highest level of competition, and annually draws attendance figures approaching 200,000 and television viewership that has reached as high as 20 million.

N-Hance is a Revolutionary Wood Renewal system that specializes in transforming the condition or color of wood surfaces.  N-Hance can transform surfaces such as flooring, cabinets, railings, trim, and doors. While N-Hance is a division of The Home Depot, each franchise across the nation is independently owned and operated. To learn more about N-Hance, visit www.nhance.com.

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Welcome to the N-Hance

Welcome to the N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal Blog. We have been delighting customers throughout the area by restoring the life and luster of their wood floors and kitchen cabinets without the dusty mess, noxious fumes, or inconvenience of traditional methods. Feel free to call us with any questions.

2012 N-Hance Convention

2012  N-HANCE CONVENTION – January 15th – 18th, 2012

N-Hance had a magnificent Convention in sunny Cancun, Mexico.  This was a great opportunity to relax and to learn.  Franchise owners from all over the country came to share their knowledge and to learn from the N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal support system.  It was refreshing to get away to learn and re-learn techniques that will please our customers and provide the best possible results for the services we offer.

Joe Calloway, our guest speaker, spoke about ‘A Category of One’ which focused on setting our business apart by focusing on a superior customer experience.  It was the first time ever to have N-Hance and Chem-Dry conventions in the same room!

“What a great morning it was to feel like a part of something big!”  And to learn Customer Service skills that will give our Customers the experience they are looking for when we are in their home or business.

Dave Murphy (N-Hance Training Specialist) and Chris Smith ( N-Hance Research & Development Specialist) showed us that in order to grow our brand we need to be mindful of offering the consistent services with the same products and the same procedures! They unveiled some exciting products and explained which ones are being discontinued.

Being informed and consistent, keeps us giving the best N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal services possible.

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