If your kitchen cabinets are starting to show their age or you’re simply tired of the current color, you’re not alone. Many homeowners struggle with the idea of replacing their cabinets. But with N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Columbus, you don’t have to do a costly replacement and you don’t have to settle for a DIY paint job. Our professional team can bring new life into your kitchen with our patented refinishing process and update your cabinets in line with current trends in decorating and style. Whether you’re looking to update a dated style or fix mistakes made during a DIY project, we can help you achieve a refreshed and stylish look that you’ll love. Say goodbye to dull, worn out, or unfashionable cabinets, and say hello to a beautiful, new kitchen!

While painting your kitchen cabinets can look easy in a DIY video, it’s really easy to make novice mistakes. Here are some of the most common issues we see that homeowners seek our help to fix:

Problem #1: Leaving the Doors On

While it may seem more convenient and easier to leave the doors attached to your cabinets when you paint, it can actually lead to a messy and imperfect final result. You’ll find that it is difficult to navigate around the hinges, resulting in sloppy work. Not to mention that this method usually leads to drip marks and other imperfections. Plus, you’ll find that spots are missed.

When it comes to our cabinet painting method, you don’t need to worry about these issues. Our process will include removing the drawer fronts and cabinet doors to bring them back to our shop to ensure a professional, factory-like finish. This will eliminate the risk of careless mistakes and gives you a professional result without any hassle.

Problem #2: Not Taking Time to Adequately Prep

Before you start shaking the paint can to pour it into your painter’s tray, you need to prepare the cabinets. Proper preparation is key before any painting of your cabinets occurs, as it will affect the final appearance and durability of your cabinet finish. Putting even the most expensive paint on top of Improperly prepared cabinets will result in chipping and peeling quickly after painting. 

Proper surface prep is the singe most important step in any painting project. Our patented 5-step preparation process ensures that we’ll get proper adhesion of the new finish on your existing cabinet doors and frames.

First, we will clean your cabinets with a proprietary solution designed to remove grease, grime and build-up. Then we neutralize the surface. This gives us a clean surface for the new finish to be applied to. We also repair any damaged areas and prime your cabinets to eliminate any opportunity for bleed-through of old finishes. The paint we use will adhere better to the primed cabinets.

Problem #3: Applying a Thick Layer of Paint

Many make the mistake of thinking that by applying a single, thick coat of paint to cabinets, the will go faster. In actuality, it can make your cabinets more prone to scratches, peeling, chipping, and other flaws. The best approach is to apply multiple thin layers of paint to create a durable surface that can withstand daily wear and tear.

At N-Hance of Columbus, we use custom finishes that have been specifically designed for use on cabinets. Our final finish coat is a clear polyurethane that is cured to a hardened finish that is designed to withstand heavy use, while still maintaining a great appearance. Once you’ve chosen a color, our professional wood refinishers will expertly apply it to your cabinets, creating a smooth and durable finish.

Problem #4: Not Letting Cabinets Dry Long Enough

The DIY kitchen cabinet repainting process can be a time-consuming method, with waiting required between each coat of paint and before you can reinstall everything. The final curing process can also take several weeks for the best results. And if you rush any of these steps, you run the risk of damaging your cabinets through dings, smudges, chips, and other damage. 

When you use N-Hance of Columbus, you can actually benefit from a quicker process and shorter downtime while getting a strong and longer-lasting finish. This is due to our proprietary finishing system and our patented clearcoat called Lightspeed® Nano. Just like the clearcoat applied to automotive finishes, Lightspeed provides an extra layer of protection from daily wear and tear.   Lightspeed is unique and contains a catalyst that allows us to cure it instantly with a UV light. Once the finish dries to the touch, we cure it with the wave of our ultra-bright UV magic wand and,. VOILA!, your cabinets are cured and ready for use.  

Problem #5: The Wrong Color

You might find that your cabinets simply need a color update, due to the fact that they are out of style or you just don’t like their current color. If this is the case, N-Hance of Columbus can help. We offer a selection of 12 popular and proven colors to choose from, but if you find that you prefer a different option, you can bring in a color sample and we can match it!

The one problem that repainting your cabinets can’t fix is any structural issues. For example, if your cabinets are warping, painting them will not reverse the effect. It may hide the issue for a while, but eventually, you will need to replace the cabinets. In these rare cases, it’s often more cost-effective to save up for a full replacement, so you can get cabinets that will look great and last for many years. 

If you’ve handled repainting your kitchen cabinets on your own and don’t like the end results, or just want someone to take care of it for you, let N-Hance of Columbus create the factory-like finish you desire. We’ll make your cabinets beautiful again and we’ll do it quickly and at a cost you can afford! Call (614) 632-6882 to set up a FREE consultation today!