Granite Countertop Refinishing in Columbus

There’s a reason why granite is one of the most popular and most valued materials for countertops. It’s highly durable, making it resistant to heat, scratches, chipping, and other types of damage. It’s also extremely attractive, bringing the beauty of natural stone into your kitchen. But over time, granite loses its luster and the sealant wears away, risking permanent stains. The solution? Call N-Hance® of Columbus for our granite countertop refinishing service.

With N-Hance of Columbus, it’s easy to renew and refinish granite countertops. Our granite countertop refinishing service cleans and sanitizes your countertops, reseals them to protect against unsightly stains, and restores the granite to a like-new appearance.


Why Your Granite Countertops Need Renewing

Despite its durability, granite needs regular maintenance. Even with regular cleaning, granite will lose its luster over time. More concerning, its seal will gradually wear away. Our granite countertop refinishing process solves both of these problems.

New granite countertops have an attractive, glossy appearance. But over the years, they can start to look dull and faded. This is typically due to a thin layer of mineral deposits from hard water, cooking oils, and dirt. Our refinishing process starts by deep cleaning your countertops, and it ends with a new application of granite polish, restoring granite to its original appearance.

Granite refinishing also involves resealing your counters. This is crucial with granite, which needs a strong seal to protect against unsightly stains. Granite is porous, so if the seal wears away, the stone can absorb stains from grape juice, wine, and other liquids. With N-Hance of Columbus, you can restore the seal on your countertops to prevent these stains.

Choose N-Hance for Granite Countertop Refinishing in Columbus, OH!

N-Hance of Columbus uses a three-step process for granite countertop refinishing.

First, we thoroughly clean your countertops. This removes the build-up created by hard water deposits, cooking oils, and other substances. Next, we reseal the granite, preventing liquids from seeping into the stone and staining the countertops. Finally, we apply a new coat of polish, restoring your counters to their original luster.

This unique service includes a number of features popular with homeowners:

  • All of our granite refinishing products are green-certified and family-friendly.
  • We sanitize countertops during cleaning, neutralizing over 98% of bacteria.
  • Our granite refinishing service can be easily combined with cabinet and floor refinishing projects.

Granite countertop refinishing services from N-Hance of Columbus are offered throughout the Columbus metro area, including New Albany, Dublin, Westerville, Powell, Delaware, and Gahanna.

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