When embarking on a kitchen remodel that involves cabinet painting, the thought of clearing out your kitchen can be daunting. Emptying the cabinets, decluttering the countertops, and preparing your kitchen for professional work can feel like a big task. To help simplify the kitchen cabinet painting prep process, we’ve gathered our top tips to guide you through this transition with ease.

#1 Figure Out Storage

Your kitchen cabinets are likely holding more items than you might think. To facilitate the process of moving everything back, it’s essential to maintain a systematic approach when relocating items and designate a specific area for each category. Whether it’s your dining room table or a space in your basement, identifying a suitable storage area for all your kitchen items is crucial.

#2 Plan on Paper and Plastic

While some individuals intend to continue using their regular dishes, it can be much more inconvenient when they aren’t easily accessible in the kitchen. A practical solution is to use disposable paper plates and plastic utensils during this period, which will help you avoid unnecessary hassle.

#3 Purchase Moving Supplies

Even though you’re not relocating, your dishes are. To ensure the safety of your delicate ceramics, glassware, and other fragile items during the move out of the kitchen, it’s essential to have the appropriate supplies ready. Take a moment to carefully wrap fragile items and pack everything with utmost care.

#4 Keep Your Silverware Organized

Rather than the hassle of removing and reorganizing all your silverware, consider removing the entire silverware drawer organizer from the drawer. You can secure it with plastic wrap to keep everything neatly in place until it’s time to return it.

#5 Use Space Wisely

Kitchens frequently contain items that can serve as storage for other items during packing. For example, you can use your slow cooker to store utensils or utilize a large bowl to hold spice jars. This approach saves space in your temporary storage and simplifies the moving process.

#6 Don’t Forget Your Countertops

Countertops typically house larger items that you use regularly, like your coffee maker or air fryer. Develop a strategy for these items to ensure you can continue using them even when the rest of the kitchen is inaccessible.

#7 Clear the Floors

Even if you’re not renovating your floors, it’s a good idea to clear them off. Take away rugs and mats from the kitchen and ensure there is a clear path from the door to the renovation area for the crew to access.

#8 Set Up A Temporary Kitchen

Unless you intend to eat out for every meal, it’s essential to establish a temporary food preparation area. Consider preparing straightforward meals that require only one appliance, such as a grill (if the weather permits) or a slow cooker, to streamline meal prep and minimize mess. Additionally, create a designated area for washing necessary dishes, like the bathroom sink.

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