Are you tired of the color of your hardwood floors that are limiting your decorating ideas? Are your hardwood floors looking scruffy? Are you tired of staring at the scratches, scuffs, and other wear and tear? If you said yes to any of these questions, it’s time to refinish your hardwood floors. With hardwood floor refinishing, you can transform your floors and restore the wood’s natural beauty with a new color and/or a new finish.  Wood is so resilient and adds so much value to your home. Capitalize on the value by giving your floors new life through refinishing. While refinishing floors is not typically done by your average homeowner, the job is easy and painless when you hire N-Hance. Wood refinishing is our business and we know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently without all the hassle and mess. You don’t need to dread it, just do it with N-Hance.

Our approach to hardwood floor refinishing is faster, less messy, and leads to beautiful, durable results that are also affordable. You might be wondering why N-Hance is the best option for you. Here is a closer look at how we differ from traditional hardwood floor refinishing companies:

Less Dust

One of the biggest deterrents to refinishing your hardwood floors is the fear of the dust that can be created. N-Hance uses advanced dust collection systems (DCS) that minimize dust in your home.  We also erect zip walls to further protect your home. 

Full restoration of floors or a color change requires the use of heavy-duty sanders to remove the original finish from your floors. But our DCS is effective at removing 97% of the dust and our zip walls contain the rest. 

In addition to traditional sanding methods, we also offer a sandless option we call our Classic Renewal. This method uses an aggressive buffing machine along with a liquid abrasion treatment that removes the finish without creating any dust. This process is an outstanding way to restore the lustre on your floors, provide an even finish and get rid of those microscratches that can dull your floors and make them look old.

More Options

Previously, if you had non-sandable floors like engineered hardwood or handscraped finish, you were stuck with them no matter how damaged they were because the wear layer is either too thin or the character of the finish would be compromised if sanded. Fortunately, with N-Hance, we can refinish almost any type of flooring. Since our proprietary Classic Renewal doesn’t use sand paper, we are able to tackle floor refinishing jobs for materials like bamboo and cork, as well as hand-scraped floors, pre-engineered floors, and those that have been sanded down to the tongue and groove. This will give you more options for restoring your floors while saving you money in the process.

Better Air Quality

Not only is the dust-free process used by N-Hance of Columbus less messy, but it can also lead to a cleaner home environment and improved indoor air quality in the long run. You and your family won’t be breathing in tiny dust particles for months to come like you would with traditional sanding. 

In addition, we use products that are different from conventional floor refinishers. Our revolutionary Lightspeed finish is water-based polyurethane, made with lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) so it’s non-toxic and doesn’t smell. This is in contrast to the oil-based products that are used in traditional hardwood floor refinishing which are toxic, even for small pets. As a result, you won’t need to worry about any irritating fumes lingering in the air, making it hard to breathe, and aggravating symptoms for those with allergies or other issues.

Less Downtime

Having a long enough window of time to complete the project can be difficult, especially if you have a busy family. Traditional hardwood floor refinishing that uses traditional finishes requires you to wait days, a week, or longer before you can use your floors again. With N-Hance of Columbus, you can expect faster turnaround times and far less downtime! This can all be accomplished due to our Lightspeed UV system, which uses UV light to cure your floors instantly, allowing you to get back to your life faster and experience less disruption in your home. In fact, we can often complete projects in around two days, so you can enjoy shiny, beautiful hardwood floors in no time.

Superior Results

While all of the aforementioned factors are important, what really sets us apart is that our process produces excellent results. The instant curing process that we use ensures a smooth and uniform finish with no grit or dirt, and our products provide a strong and durable finish that resists scratches and scuffs. We also offer 26 colors of stain from which to choose, so you can customize the look of your floors to suit your style and needs.

If you are interested in refinishing your hardwood floors, don’t hesitate to contact N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Columbus for a free consultation. Our team can help you bring your hardwood floors back to life and create a space you’ll love. We will be sure to take into account the size of your space, the amount of natural lighting, and any other factors that may impact the look and feel of your floors. We can also bring samples to your home, so you can see how different colors and finishes will look in your space at different times of the day.

After you’ve made your selections, all you need to do is clear off your floors and leave the rest to us! Our expert hardwood floor refinishers will handle the rest, including prepping, refinishing, and curing your floors with our UV light-curing technology. We can give your floors a rock-hard durable finish that looks beautiful and lasts for years to come.

Don’t wait any longer to get the beautiful, durable hardwood floors you deserve. Contact N-Hance of Columbus today and get started on your hardwood floor refinishing project today! We look forward to helping you bring new life to your space and create a home you’ll love!