Whether your goal this year is to get your kitchen organized finally, or if you’re simply sick of cluttered drawers, cramped cabinets, and a pantry that’s a disaster zone, it might be time to invest in cabinet storage solutions. While they may seem like simple upgrades, they can make a big change to the flow and organization of your kitchen cabinets, so that things like cooking, entertaining, and even just making a snack are easier!

Not only can cabinet storage solutions help you organize your cabinets, but they can increase the number of items you can store in your cabinets. It’s like a little bit of magic – your cabinets appear bigger and give you more storage space without actually requiring you to do any remodeling. Being organized will have never felt so good or easy! Here are some products that should help you organize your kitchen cabinets.

Pull-Out Drawers

Utilizing kitchen cabinet storage solutions, such as pull-out drawers, is a versatile option suitable for almost any cabinet in your kitchen. These drawers are particularly favored for cabinets that house pots and pans. Instead of the inconvenience of bending over or kneeling to access items in lower cabinets, a simple pull-out motion allows you to effortlessly retrieve what you need. When incorporated throughout the kitchen, pull-out drawers contribute to a clutter-free countertop, ensure convenient access to daily essentials, and contribute to year-round kitchen organization.

Pull Out Trash and Recycling Centers

If you are looking for a solution to conceal your trash and recycling bins, then using pull-out drawers is a great option! The clever under-mount design ensures easy accessibility to your garbage cans while keeping them discreetly out of view. It offers the perfect blend of convenience and aesthetics. Depending on the dimensions of your cabinets, you have the flexibility to choose a pull-out drawer featuring both a trash can and a recycling bin or a single pull-out drawer for a trash bin.

Drawer Organizers 

Say goodbye to the chaos and disorder in your utensil drawers by incorporating a drawer organizer. This handy accessory enables you to systematically arrange forks, knives, spoons, spatulas, and other items, enhancing visibility and ease of access. With a drawer organizer, the interior of your drawers will exude a sense of orderliness, allowing you to optimize your precious drawer space.

Tray and Dishware Dividers

When your cabinets are overflowing with stacked dishes and bowls, dividers come to the rescue. These organizational aids empower you to maximize your available space, transforming your cabinets into clutter-free havens.

Similarly, consider dividers designed for tray-sized items. Whether it’s cookie sheets or cutting boards, you can keep all your trays neatly upright and well-organized. With dividers like these in place, baking becomes a joy rather than a hassle.

Under-Sink Organization

The space under your kitchen sink can be a challenging area with a mix of cleaning supplies, a trash can, dishwashing tools, and potentially wet or greasy items. Fortunately, there are various products designed to specifically address the challenges of organizing this space while protecting the cabinet base from potential water damage or splatters.

Consider using a mat under the sink to shield your cabinets from potential spills and liquid mishaps. Additionally, a pull-out wire basket, known as a portero, can be a handy solution for separating and organizing items such as dishwashing detergent, dish soap, cleaning supplies, and sponges, making them easily accessible when needed.

Spice Drawers and Racks

For avid cooks with a plethora of spices, finding the right ones amidst a collection can be a challenge. The solution? Organizing your spices with a designated system inside a cabinet or utilizing a spice drawer organizer. This allows you to have a clear view of all your spices, making them easily accessible and eliminating the struggle of searching for the right flavor. With an organized spice setup, cooking and meal preparation become more efficient, and the sight of your well-arranged spice selection might even spark inspiration for new culinary creations.

Beverage Drawer

Is your cabinet cluttered with K-cups, tea bags, hot chocolate packets, and other beverage accessories? If so, consider organizing these items with a designated drawer. There are even specialized products designed for organizing K-cup coffee, tea, and hot chocolate pods. With this setup, accessing your preferred beverage becomes a breeze – simply open the drawer and retrieve the pod from its neatly fitted spot. This not only enhances functionality but also adds visual appeal, making hectic mornings a bit more streamlined and stress-free.

Ready to Get Organized? Turn to N-Hance of Columbus for Your Cabinet Storage Needs

If you are ready to finally organize your kitchen cabinets, then you’re in the right place! At N-Hance of Columbus, we are cabinet makeover specialists who transform cabinets inside and out. With our custom cabinet storage solutions, we can increase the functionality of your cabinet space with solutions custom fit to each cabinet and drawer.

Say goodbye to your messy, cluttered, and hard-to-close cabinet doors and drawers, and get a kitchen that is organized and efficient! Before you know it, you’ll be able to reach items more easily without needing to dig around or bend over and hurt your back. Free up more counter space to give you more room for meal prep and a clean, less cluttered surface for when you aren’t cooking.

And if you’ve been looking forward to refreshing your cabinets in addition to organizing your space, we can help there too! There’s no better time to enhance your kitchen, whether you’d like cabinet storage solutions, cabinet refacing, cabinet painting, or one of our other services! We are only a call away and are ready to make your cabinets more functional and beautiful – inside and out! 

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