At N-Hance of Columbus, we are known for our innovation that helps you get the kitchen of your dreams and part of this includes our unique Lightspeed® Nano UV system, which instantly cures a revolutionary clearcoat finish that protects the finish on your cabinets. Here is what you should know about Lightspeed and how it delivers superior results for your kitchen, bath and laundry cabinets.

What is Lightspeed?

Industries across the globe – from the space exploration to manufacturing, medical and dental fields, and more – have been using technology similar to Lightspeed to revolutionize the way products are made and used. So if you’ve ever had a cavity filled, chances are, you’ve witnessed UV light-curing technology at work, firsthand.

One of the amazing things about this UV curing technology is that processes that would typically take hours to complete or cure, can be done in seconds! At N-Hance of Columbus, we’re proud to use UV curing technology in the form of Lightspeed, which cures our customers’ cabinets for a faster and better-quality finish.

Previously, these rock-hard finishes were only available on new cabinets finished in a factory. Now, you can get the same rock hard finish with N-Hance’s in-home cabinet finishing service.  It’s the best of all worlds: cabinets that look like-new, stand strong in demanding kitchen environments and also cost less than getting new cabinets or traditional cabinet refinishing.

So How Does Lightspeed Work?

After your cabinets are finished in a new color, we apply a top coat of a special protector shield called Lightspeed which is a special catalyst-fortified polyurethane containing photoinitiators that respond to the UV light and harden to a super-hard and durable finish.  The UV light triggers faster curing, and the catalyst gives the urethane a stronger, more scratch resistant and UV-stable surface. This process produces a similarly durable finish as thermal oxygen curing used by cabinet manufacturers.

Did you know that a traditional approach to curing can take up to two weeks before you are able to fully use your kitchen cabinets once they are refinished? Fortunately, with N-Hance of Columbus, the finish will not only be durable, but also ready to use as soon as we are done. This means no waiting around to get back into your kitchen and return to normal life. It’s a less stressful and more efficient process for you and your family.

Some other advantages of Lightspeed include:

A Rock-Hard Finish 

Finishes that are cured with Lightspeed are smoother, tighter, and more flexible, which means that the finish on your cabinets will last longer and be more resistant to stains, chips, scuffs, and scratches. You’ll get both the beauty and durability that sets our cabinets apart!

Superior Performance in a Kitchen Environment

Kitchens are one of the most used spaces in a home, which means that they tend to be one of the messiest ones, too. With the proprietary products that we use, combined with our Lightspeed system, your cabinets will be resistant to oil, grease splatter, fingerprints, and the increased wear and tear of a typical kitchen. 

Easy-to-Clean Cabinets

With a Lightspeed finish, your cabinets will be easy to clean and maintain. All you will need is a damp microfiber cloth and plain water to gently wipe down your cabinets. If you have build-up from oil and grease, you can use our special cabinet cleaner or a mild dish soap and water combination and let it sit on the surface for up to one minute. Then, just wipe it gently with a cloth.

Less VOCS and More Family-Friendly

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are emitted from traditional paint products and primers. When these compounds are in the air, they can irritate your family and pets and also cause harm to the environment. 

With N-Hance of Columbus, most of our products are low-VOC. Plus, with our Lightspeed system, we’ll limit any exposure to lingering VOCs even further since your cabinets are cured instantly.

Ready to Rethink Cabinet Refinishing with Lightspeed?

With N-Hance of Columbus, we can transform your cabinets in days, rather than weeks, with Lightspeed. Your new cabinet finish will be rock-hard and ready to go when we leave, plus your cabinets will look beautiful and just like new. You can use your kitchen to make meals, spend time with your family, or entertain guests as soon as we walk out the door. 

Ready to find out more about why refinishing your cabinets with Lightspeed is better? Call (614) 632-6882 to set up a FREE consultation today!