Step By Step Process

The Stages of the N-Hance Wood Refinishing Process

Our variety of services range from a color shift to a complete color change for both cabinets and wood flooring. Here’s an outline of our processes for a full cabinet color change, but all of our services run a very similar process.

Step 1: Prep & Detail

  • After consultation and being certain of your desires for your cabinets, we get to work.
  • Preparation of the job site is accomplished by masking and draping the work area to protect your property.
  • We remove knobs and other hardware.
  • If needed, we will patch and fill any cracks and gaps in the wood to make it look new again.

Step 2: Cleaning

  • Here we remove dust and debris on and around the cabinets. We use our unique cleaning solution to clean the surfaces.
  • Our cleaning draws dirt out of the porous wood.
  • To ensure the area is completely dust-free, we remove and clean air vents.

Step 3: Apply Finish

  • We “remove the grain raise”, which simply means making the wood smoother, and remove contaminates.
  • Sealer is applied.
  • For a color change, we spray 3 to 5 coats of stain on each piece. (With color shift jobs, color coats are applied by hand.)
  • Cabinets are then dried (often with a fan).
  • We polish the cabinets before adding a finish. This is also known as burnishing.

Step 4: Add Protective Finish (applies to Color Shift and Color Change only)

  • A clear coat is applied to protect the stain from rubbing off in the future.
  • After a short dry time, a second coat is applied.
  • (For floors, we use our Lightspeed technology to instantly cure the finish)

Step 5: Inspection

  • We want you to be happy with the results!
  • We inspect every piece and place it all back together. We wait for your inspection and O.K. to ensure your satisfaction.
  • N-Hance of Mid-Hudson Valley has a full customer satisfaction guarantee!

Step 6: In-Home Maintenance

  • When your cabinet renewal is complete, we will leave you with care instructions. Every service includes a maintenance kit with more instructions and tools to care for your newly renewed cabinets.

cabinet refinishing process