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Bring Back The Beauty of Your Hardwood Floors Through Refinishing

Are your hardwood floors showing signs of wear and tear that makes you contemplate investing in a full replacement? If you’re a homeowner, the inclination to rip out your old wood floors might seem like a good option.  However, before embarking on the costly and labor-intensive journey of replacing your floors, consider reaching out to […]

Why Interior Designers Should Collaborate With N-Hance of Fort Wayne

N-Hance of Fort Wayne is dedicated to helping interior designers create the dream kitchen for their clients. Our team of skilled, diligent, and dependable kitchen cabinet refinishers in Fort Wayne 46804 is committed to delivering beautiful results that exceed your client’s expectations. Elevating Kitchen Spaces: The N-Hance Difference Discover the reasons why interior designers love [&hellip...

The Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing During the Holiday Season

With the holiday season starting, now is a great time to think about crafting a cozy and welcoming kitchen space that your friends and cherished ones can enjoy. This season, upgrade your kitchen with professional cabinet refinishing—an enriching and remarkably cost-effective service from N-Hance of Fort Wayne. By updating your kitchen, you can guarantee that […]

A Guide to Picking the Perfect Color for Cabinet Repainting

Is it time to update your kitchen cabinets? Consider the cost-effective approach of repainting your cabinetry. Repainting is a great way to enhance the aesthetics and value of your kitchen. N-Hance of Fort Wayne offers expert cabinet painting in Grabill and the surrounding areas. Our technicians provide an affordable opportunity to personalize your kitchen. There […]

Lightspeed: Pioneering the Future of Wood Refinishing

Wood refinishing services are the perfect way to update your home. N-Hance® innovation has improved the speed and overall quality of wood refinishing services. Part of that innovation includes our unique Lightspeed® Nano UV system, which instantly cures cabinets after refinishing them. What makes our unique Lightspeed technology superior?  Introducing Lightspeed Technology Light-curing tech...

Common Cabinet Painting Concerns Answered

Are your kitchen cabinets showing signs of wear or sporting unsightly scratches? Have your attempts at DIY painting left you dissatisfied with the outcome? No matter the reason, the solution lies with N-Hance of Fort Wayne. We specialize in giving your kitchen cabinets a fresh lease on life.  Understanding Cabinet Painting Requirments We can effortlessly […]

Breathe Life Into Your Cabinets With a Unique Cabinet Refacing Service

Looking to infuse new life into your kitchen cabinets without committing to an entire overhaul? The perfect solution awaits, cabinet refacing from N-Hance of Fort Wayne. Through this transformative process, you can effortlessly attain a refreshed and contemporary ambiance for your kitchen, all while bypassing the weighty costs associated with a comprehensive renovation. Nevertheless, the […...

Affordable Luxury: Tips to Transform Your Cabinets

N-Hance of Fort Wayne is here to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank. With home interest rates on the rise, many people have moved away from choosing to buy a new home. One way that you can add value to your home is by upgrading your kitchen area. With […]

Summer is the Perfect Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

Summer is in full swing, and that means it’s time to start thinking about home improvement projects. If your kitchen is looking a little tired, now is the perfect time to give it a makeover with professional help from N-Hance of Fort Wayne. There are many different ways to renovate your kitchen, but one of […]

Transform Your Home with Hardwood Floor Refinishing from N-Hance of Fort Wayne

If you’re tired of looking at your scratched, scuffed, and worn-out hardwood floors, it’s time for a refinishing job. But the process of refinishing hardwood floors can be overwhelming for many homeowners, especially when it involves sanding that creates dust that settles into every nook and cranny of your home. No need to worry – […]

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