Nothing feels better than a well-organized kitchen. There is something about everything being in place that allows you to breathe easy. Organization helps your kitchen to look its best, and on top of that, the goal of organization is to make your life as easy as possible. Amidst the chaos of summer, this perfect blend of style and utility might seem out of reach, but here are a few simple tips and tricks to help your kitchen help you!

Add a liner to your cabinet either in the back and/or along the bottom. This will help your cupboards look stylish, and will protect your cabinets from stains and odor. 

Add hooks or caddies to the inside of cabinet doors. Hooks on upper cabinets can hold measuring cups, keys, and frequently-used utensils. A rack inside lower cabinets can hold cookie sheets or cutting boards, or a towel bar can hang spray bottles and kitchen rags. 

Use pop-up shelves in your cabinets to add an extra layer of shelving, making plates and bowls more easily accessible. 

Invest in a Lazy Susan or turntable for crowded shelves rather than constantly emptying the contents of the shelf onto the counter. 

Control the clutter in your drawers by using drawer dividers. 

Store food items in your own clearly-labelled containers rather than their original packaging. Without the chaos of brand labels, it is easier to find what you need quickly, and uniform containers are EASY to fit into a given space. If you invest in clear containers, it will be easy to see when you are running low on something.

Label shelves, so that things are always returned to the place that they belong. Additionally,

Pick an organization method and stick to it. Whether you organize alphabetically, by container size, or by category, pick a method that makes sense to you, and label your shelves accordingly.

Put a whiteboard on the fridge and use it to write down what is inside the fridge and freezer. This will make grocery shopping and meal preparation much easier.

Place plastic cups in lower cupboards, within reach of children, so they can get their own cup if they need a drink. 

Go through your cupboards and pantry every three months to get rid of expired food. 

Kitchen with Island in Sparta, WI

Before you start organizing, take a good look at your cabinets. Are they starting to look old or worn-out? If you think it’s time to change the look of your cabinets, call N-Hance FRM. Whether you are looking for a touch up or total transformation, N-Hance can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Call us today to schedule a free estimate.