We know that getting your cabinets refinished with durability and affordability is important. However, did you know that with cabinet refinishing from N-Hance, you can also get a healthier service for your family and home?

You may be wondering how our services are healthier? Well, it is all thanks to the revolutionary Lightspeed® Nano system we use with our cabinet refinishing process! This process is similar to the technology that your local dentist uses to secure fillings. Our process instantly cures wood surfaces, whether we’re painting or staining them, using a powerful ultra-violet light. It not only leads to a rock-hard, factory-like finish but can provide one that is resistant to bacteria too with the Lightspeed Plus™ anti-microbial UV finish.

A Healthier Approach to Cabinet Refinishing 

With Lightspeed Plus™, N-Hance can help to keep your home safer and your family healthier by reducing bacterial growth on your cabinets by up to 99%.* That is incredible! This includes many bacteria invaders in homes, from E. Coli to Staph and other harmful microbes. 

What makes Lightspeed Plus™ so effective when it comes to cabinet refinishing? Well to become a little technical…it begins working as soon as micro-organisms come into contact with the surface coating and continuously fights them off, providing resistance you can count on. It’s also not water-soluble and therefore cannot be wiped-off with normal cleaning. Our process is powerful, immediate, and long-lasting

In addition, Lightspeed Plus™ encapsulates the seams of the wood, so that the finished product is less likely to trap harmful germs and is easier to clean. In fact, since the Lightspeed® Nano system is hand-held, our technicians are able to effectively reach all the nooks and grooves of your cabinets and ensure they’re fully covered with the Lightspeed Plus™ finish. Not to mention, our refinishing process is ahead of other refinishing services by a mile!

Wait! Even More Health Benefits

Whether or not you choose our Lightspeed Plus™ finish, N-Hance always offers a healthier and safer way to get cabinets you will love. There are three addition ways that N-Hance wood refinishing looks to keep you and your family safe!  

1. Our process allows there to be minimal or no dust, so you don’t have to worry about your family breathing in particles. This is critically important since wood dust particles that are inhaled can become permanently trapped in the lungs, leading to health problems down the road.

2. VOCs stand for volatile organic compounds. That is a mouthful, but what it is is chemicals that are released into the air from cleaning products, paints, and finishes. And N-Hance has a much, much lower level of VOCs compared to other wood refinishing companies around. We use water-based polyurethane finishes rather than the oil-based ones many other professionals use, which contain a much higher level of VOCs, generating more toxic fumes in the process. Our products, on the other hand, are essentially odorless and safe for indoor use.

3. With N-Hance, your cabinet refinishing project will even be completed in a way that’s healthier for the environment. Our process helps conserve natural resources, reduce fossil fuel usage, limit greenhouse gases, and improve air quality. Now that is something to get onboard with! This is all achieved by reusing and refinishing cabinets with our unique approach rather than replacing them, which is better for your family, your budget, and the planet.

So, when you want the best cabinet refinishing Rochester MN and La Crosse WI, think of N-Hance FRM first! We are here for your health and want you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Cabinet Refinishing with health benefits