When is it Time to Refinish Your Cabinets?

You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of your time stressing over your decision of whether to replace your cabinets or not. To help you decide, here are 5 signs that your kitchen deserves a cabinet refinishing service!

Cabinet Refinishing Warning Signs

1. If you avoiding taking guests into your kitchen, this is your first sign that you should refinish the cabinets in your kitchen. Your kitchen is a visual focal point for your whole home. So, if you find that you are embarrassed of showing guest, outdated cabinet doors could be a big reason why. Get your cabinets refinished with N-Hance FRM and you will have a kitchen that you will be proud to show off!

2. When you are getting decor items that you don’t love just to match your kitchen, you know it is a bad sign. When you are trying to decorate your home, you usually coordinate around your kitchen. As a result, many homeowners with older cabinets end up buying matching decor they don’t particularly like. With cabinet refinishing with N-Hance you can create a cohesive look that goes with your personal style.

3. Are your cabinets badly damaged? If you have kids or teenagers in your home, your cabinets will take a thrashing with their grimy hands opening and closing them for years. Cabinet doors will need to be replaced if they’re suffering from major cracks, water damage, or dry rot, just to give a few examples.

4. If you are remodeling other parts of your kitchen, then this is another sign that you should replace your cabinets! If you are thinking about leaving your existing cabinet doors in place, you’ll restrict what you can do in other parts of your kitchen. But if you use N-Hance to replace your cabinet doors, you’ll give yourself a lot more freedom on your remodel. Trust us!

5. Have you ever caught yourself in a daydream, thinking of new cabinets and a fresh looking kitchen? If this is you, this is your final warning. You need N-Hance in your life! Stop scrolling through Instagram looking at dream kitchens, make that a reality by calling us today!

If your cabinets are looking rough and you are thinking about getting them replaced, you are not alone! Many homeowners are in this same predicament as you are. Should you replace or refinish?

N-Hance offers a quick and highly affordable way to replace older cabinet doors in a brand-new style. We provide a wide array of cabinet door styles to choose from, plus a full spectrum of custom color options. If refinishing your cabinets is something that sounds better for your home, we can do that too!

Call N-Hance FRM today at 608-455-0145 to get scheduled for a cabinet refinishing appointment! You deserve a fresh, new looking kitchen!

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing. Don’t replace them just yet!