When residents in Northern Hartford County are looking for a significant kitchen overhaul without breaking the bank, N-Hance of Northern Hartford County is the solution. Our team of kitchen cabinet refinishers is proficient, hardworking, and reliable, ensuring that your clients receive the stunning results they anticipate from your services.

Our cabinet painters not only enhance the aesthetics of every kitchen you undertake but also ensure a durable, factory-like finish that withstands the daily wear and tear kitchens endure, maintaining its appeal for an extended period. Our team of cabinet experts excels at rejuvenating cabinets, restoring their elegance and charm, and leaving your clients delighted with the final outcome – and pleased with the cost-effectiveness of our service.

Below are a few reasons why interior designers enjoy collaborating with N-Hance of Northern Hartford County:

#1: Shorter Turnaround Time

We know that you’ve got deadlines, so we take pride in our ability to provide swift turnaround times. From start to finish, we typically complete painting cabinets inside your client’s home in just a few days. Utilizing our exclusive Lightspeed® Nano technology, we cure the finish using UV light, enabling instant curing of cabinets. This allows your team to resume work on other projects promptly after our departure, and your clients to regain access to their kitchen sooner.

#2: Lower Costs

In comparison to completely replacing cabinets, our cabinet refinishing service in Northern Hartford County offers significant cost savings for your clients. This translates to more budget allocation for other aspects such as new kitchen furniture, backsplash tiles, appliances, flooring, or décor. By partnering with our kitchen cabinet painters, your clients’ budgets stretch further, allowing your services to have an even greater impact. Ultimately, this results in happier customers overall.

#3: Custom Choices

No matter the desired style—be it a sleek modern kitchen, a cozy rustic farmhouse vibe, or a sophisticated heritage aesthetic—we provide an extensive array of options to realize your client’s vision. Our palette of paint colors encompasses numerous possibilities, ranging from serene whites and blues to elegant grays, blacks, browns, and warm buttery yellows, among others. Should our existing palette not include the exact shade desired, simply provide us with a sample, and we’ll expertly match it. To achieve the perfect look, we also offer:

  • Hardware in a wide array of metals
  • Soft close hinges
  • Glass front doors
  • Crown molding
  • Open shelving
  • And more

#4: Long-Lasting Results

Unlike other painters, at N-Hance of Northern Hartford County, our products are meticulously tailored exclusively for cabinets. From the cleaning solution to the priming and paint products applied to surfaces, every step of our process utilizes products engineered specifically for cabinets. This meticulous approach guarantees long-lasting performance that effectively withstands various forms of wear and tear, including greasy splatter and heavy usage.

#5: Comprehensive Services

At N-Hance of Northern Hartford County, our cabinet painters are versatile and can tackle projects beyond just kitchens. They possess the expertise to paint cabinets in various areas of the home, extending from bathrooms and dining room hutches to built-in cabinets in a client’s family room or office.

When you partner with our team, we also offer:

Cabinet Refacing 

If your client wants a change in the style of their cabinets while retaining the existing cabinet boxes, our cabinet refacing service is the ideal solution. Clients can select from a diverse range of door styles, profiles, types of wood, colors, and finishing touches—including options like antiquing or glazing—to add personalized flair to their cabinets.

Cabinet Storage Solutions 

We don’t just focus on enhancing the external appearance of cabinets; we also prioritize improving functionality through our cabinet storage solutions. Our offerings include pull-out trash and recycling cabinets, drawer organizers, spice drawers, and a variety of other options. By incorporating these solutions, we provide a functional canvas for you to meticulously organize your client’s dream kitchen with beauty and efficiency in mind.

#6: A Professional Team 

We take pride in our professional team, dedicated to realizing your client’s vision with enthusiasm and expertise. Our cabinet experts in Northern Hartford County are exceptional in their craft, chosen for their meticulous attention to detail, reliability, and passion for their work. You can trust N-Hance of Northern Hartford County to deliver prompt, dependable service, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your clients.

When you partner with N-Hance, rest assured your clients will be delighted with the results. We’ll collaborate closely with you to achieve the stunning outcomes your clients desire, all within a budget-friendly and efficient timeframe.

Excited to learn more about partnering with our skilled kitchen cabinet painters? Let’s connect! Call N-Hance of Northern Hartford County at (860) 934-0222 to schedule your FREE consultation today.