The surge in popularity of two-toned cabinets is no coincidence! If you aim to infuse visual intrigue into your kitchen, opting for two-toned cabinets is an excellent decision. Yet, the art lies in choosing the perfect color combination for your two-tone kitchen cabinets.

Tips for Choosing the Best Two Tone Cabinet Colors

Even if you love two particular colors, that doesn’t mean they’ll complement each other or even look good on cabinet surfaces. Follow these tips for getting the two-tone color trend right:

Tip #1: Mix Bold and Neutral Colors

Many homeowners are drawn to the two-tone aesthetic because it provides an opportunity to introduce a bold pop of color into the kitchen without dominating the space. To achieve this effect, you can paint your kitchen island in a distinctive, vibrant shade while keeping the remaining cabinets neutral. If you don’t have an island, consider cabinet painting the base cabinets in a dark, rich color for a dramatic effect, and complement them with light, neutral hues for the upper cabinets. Remember, when opting for a bold, attention-grabbing color, it’s best to pair it with a more subdued hue.

Tip #2: Consider Balance

When embarking on a two-tone cabinet painting project, prioritize achieving balance. For a harmonious and serene space with this style, opt for two colors that offer distinct hues or shades of the same color. Consider pairing a deep, dramatic dark gray with a light, neutral gray, for instance.

Ensure that the lighter shade is applied to the upper kitchen cabinets, while the darker shade graces the base cabinets. This arrangement anchors the space, fostering a compelling sense of equilibrium.

Tip #3: Use Wood as One Tone

Bringing the two-tone trend to your kitchen doesn’t always require cabinet painting in two different colors. Instead, contemplate staining some cabinets to highlight the natural wood’s beauty while painting the rest in a complementary color. Wood tones act as neutrals, offering flexibility to pair them with bold colors of your choice.

Tip #4: When In Doubt, Choose White

If uncertain about which neutral shade to pair with a bolder color, consider white or its variations. For instance, if you opt for a cool bold color like blue, select a cool shade of white or light gray. Conversely, if your bolder color leans towards warmer tones, opt for a creamier white. This strategy effectively balances the vibrant cabinet color, resulting in a harmonious and inviting kitchen aesthetic.

Tip #5: Follow the 60-30-10 Rule

When integrating color into your kitchen, a helpful guideline is the 60-30-10 rule. This entails painting 60% of your cabinets in one dominant color and 30% in a neutral shade, or vice versa. The remaining 10% can be introduced as an accent color through elements like artwork, area rugs, floral arrangements, window treatments, and similar accents.

Our Favorite Two Tone Cabinet Combos

At N-Hance of Northern Hartford County, we’ve assisted numerous homeowners in achieving their desired two-toned cabinets. If you’re uncertain about the direction to take, here are some of our favorite combinations to inspire you.

White and Dark Gray or Black

Opt for dark gray or black for your base kitchen cabinets, and complement them with bright white upper cabinets. This combination achieves a clean, crisp aesthetic that exudes sleek sophistication. The beauty lies in the versatility—you can incorporate any accent color you desire, and even change it up as frequently as you wish.

White and Blue

If black isn’t your preference, another popular color to complement white is navy or cobalt blue. Opting for bold blue on the bottom cabinets paired with white upper cabinets yields a striking aesthetic. Enhance the elegance with gold light fixtures and cabinet hardware for added sophistication.

Blue and Brown

To enhance the natural beauty of some of your kitchen cabinets with staining, consider pairing them with a color like light blue for the remaining cabinets. This choice will infuse the space with energy, while the hardwood cabinets maintain warmth and grounding.

Blending Neutrals

Another alternative is to select varying shades of a single neutral color, like a dark gray paired with a lighter gray. This approach produces a welcoming, timeless appearance that is layered, visually captivating, and adds dimension to your space.

Green and Gold

In recent years, this kitchen cabinet paint color combination has surged in popularity. Opt for cabinet painting your kitchen island or base cabinets in a dark green hue. Contrast can be achieved by using a creamy color on the upper kitchen cabinets, while adding a touch of glamour with gold accents.

Other Kitchen Cabinet Color Combinations to Consider

  • Dark green with hardwood cabinets 
  • Olive green and cream cabinets 
  • Plum and cream cabinets
  • Orange and white cabinets 
  • Beige and black cabinets 

Ready to Add the Two-Tone Color Trend to Your Kitchen Cabinets?

At N-Hance of Northern Hartford County, we’re dedicated to assisting you every step of the way. Whether you have specific colors in mind for your cabinets or need guidance to begin, we’re here for you. Our cabinet makeover specialists are delighted to discuss all aspects of your project, from colors to finishing techniques, hardware, and cabinet storage solutions. We even offer the convenience of bringing samples to your home, allowing you to visualize the colors firsthand in your kitchen.

While we offer a palette of the most popular colors, if you have a particular shade in mind that’s not part of our selection, simply let us know, and we can match it for you. Whatever your preferences, we’ll expertly guide you through the selection process to ensure your two-tone kitchen cabinets reflect your unique style and preferences.

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