Monthly Archives: December, 2012

N-Hance – 2012 Appreciation to Our Clients

The N-Hance team of  North San Diego County, California wishes to thank all of our N-Hance friends, clients and interested parties for their support, attention, estimates and jobs that has made our 2012 year wonderful. N-Hance of  North San Diego, California  has enjoyed all the cleaning, repairing and renewing of the wood floors, cabinets, trims […]

N-Hance – Happy Holidays Gift Idea

N-Hance is a wonderful gift idea to beautify your home or business. What could be better than a near new look? It’s a chance to give a few of the embarrassing areas of your home or office a cleaning, repair and renewing. This can give your home or business that look like new feeling. Cabinet […]

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