If you are looking for a wallet-friendly kitchen remodel, cabinet refinishing in Castleton N-Hance of Northwest Indianapolis is here to help.  Cabinets make a huge impact on your space, so it is super important to have ones that you love, with thoughtful design choices, and cabinet hardware.

The design process is made easy with N-Hance of Northwest of Indianapolis.  Need some tips to help you get started?  Here are our 3 best tips to help pick the perfect cabinet hardware as part of your cabinet refinishing process.

#1 – Choose either cabinet knobs or pulls.

Cabinet hardware is essential because of its function, but it is also an important part of your kitchen design.  

Knobs and pulls are attached to most cabinets for opening and closing.  Knobs are normally small and round, installed on cabinet doors, while pulls are longer, used to pull cabinet doors open.  One isn’t better than the other, so it is up to you to choose whichever you prefer.

You can be creative with your choices.  There are ornate knobs and pulls that have traditional designs on them, colorful glass, or clean hardware that can be seen in more modern homes.

There is nothing wrong with a little mixing and matching.  Try some knobs on your top cabinets, with pulls on your cabinet drawers.  Just remember to choose the same hardware finish for each room.

#2 – Pick a finish for your cabinet hardware. 

After you’ve decided on knobs or pulls it’s time to choose your finish.  Black, oil-rubbed bronze, brass, brushed nickel, or even polished nickel.  Each finish can look a little bit different depending on the manufacturer, so make sure you double-check.

You will want to try to be consistent with the hardware finishes you use in your room when you add in a variety of mixed metals in other accents or decor elements.  With that said, don’t be afraid to create a unique style that is all your own.

#3 – Decide on your cabinet hardware size. 

Once you’ve chosen your hardware type and finish, it’s time to think about size. 

The last factor to decide on is the size of your cabinet hardware.  Typically, contemporary cabinet pulls are 9 inches or longer, and transitional or traditional pulls can be 5 to 7 inches in length.  If you have decided on knobs, focus more on shape than on size.  

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N-Hance of Northwest Indianapolis will help you bring your dream kitchen to life for a price that fits your budget.  Trust us for all your kitchen cabinet refinishing needs!

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