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Sometimes the smallest spaces can be the most difficult to design.  Bathrooms are a great example of how a small space can have a big impact.  N-Hance of Northwest Indianapolis has lots of experience in bathroom renovations with projects like cabinet painting in Broad Ripple.

Here are a couple of tips to choose the best bathroom cabinet paint color we have learned with our decades of experience in the home renovating industry:


One of the first things you will want to think about is the size of your bathroom and how much natural light you get in the space.  These two factors have a large impact on what will look best for your cabinet color.  Dark cabinets can end up making a space feel smaller, while light cabinets have the ability to open up a small space and make it feel larger.


Flooring tends to be a more permanent feature, so it is important to think about how it can affect your bathroom design.  Not sure what will look best?  Contrast always looks beautiful.  Just imagine dark espresso floors with white or cream cabinets.  


The most common countertop materials have several flecks of color in them.  When picking a color for your cabinets, try and find one that matches one of the colors in your countertops.

Wall Color

Try and coordinate your cabinet color with your current or future wall color.  Luckily, painting walls is a relatively easy change if you want to switch things up later.  

Additional Considerations For Bathroom Cabinet Painting

Here are a couple of other tips to keep in mind for your bathroom cabinet painting project.

Go With A Classic Color 

If you are unsure what color to go with, pick a classic cabinet stain or neutral color.  Neutral colors can pair well with lots of different types of decor, design styles, and accent pieces.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bold

If you are going for a more modern feel, don’t be scared to go for a bold, bright color.  Bold colors can often be pulled off well in a smaller space like a bathroom, rather than a larger space like a kitchen.

Think Of The Future 

Maybe you don’t have plans to sell your home soon, but you may still want to be aware of how the colors you choose can impact future buyers.  Neutral colors like ivory or a dark wood stain can appeal to a wide range of styles and preferences.

Stay True To The Style Of Your Home

Stay consistent with the style of your home when painting bathroom cabinets.  Make sure the color you pick is cohesive with the rest of your aesthetic.

Always Choose What You Love 

It is good to keep these tips in mind, but when it comes down to it, be sure to choose what you really love and want.  Think of these design rules as guidelines, but never be scared to get creative.  If you love a certain color, N-Hance can help you achieve it.

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