Refinishing Solutions That Are Affordable

Are you tired of the cabinets in your home? Are you dreaming of upgrading them but put off by the price? N-Hance of Richmond has the solution for you! At N-Hance, we offer top-quality cabinet refacing and floor refinishing services that can enhance your home and protect your budget! Over time, the wooden cabinets and floors in your home can be come damaged, faded, and coated in dirt and grime. This buildup can make the cabinets and floors look flat, discolored, and lifeless. With the N-Hance process, we thoroughly clean the area, remove old coatings, repair damaged areas, and apply a beautiful, factory-quality finish. Homeowners in the Richmond area are amazed by the drastic results and drastically lower price. Call us today to find out more!

Why Choose the N-Hance Process?

Refresh Your Cabinets and Floors Without Having to Replace the Original Wood

It’s clean.
Our simple process keeps your home free of dust, paint, and other materials. Without the mess of ordinary refinishing and cabinet painting, you can enjoy the refinishing process.

It’s fast.
With our revolutionary Lightspeed® Nano instant curing process, your floors and cabinets can be refinished in half the time of traditional refinishing. In most cases, our team is in and out of your home within a day.

It’s convenient.
Because our services can be completed so quickly, your daily routine is not disrupted. You and your family can get back to enjoying your space in far less time than full replacement or traditional cabinet painting.

It’s safe.
Our process is free from noxious fumes and harsh chemicals, which means you won’t have to worry about your family’s safety.

It’s thorough.
Our Richmond technicians take the time to thoroughly clean the area and repair any damage before beginning. We believe that proper prep work and attention to detail make all the difference!

The 3 Step Process to Achieve Your New Style

Premier Cabinet Services in Richmond

If your kitchen cabinets are showing their age, it’s time to call the cabinet refinishing experts at N-Hance of Richmond. Whether your cabinets are dingy and damaged or just outdated, we have the resources to make them look brand new without the hassle of replacement! Even after decades of regular use, our Richmond team can easily restore your cabinets to like-new condition. Our team has experience working in residential and commercial properties throughout the Richmond area. Whether you need cabinet refacing and refinishing services for your personal home, your rental property, or your office breakroom, N-Hance is prepared to get the job done. To revitalize your kitchen without breaking the bank, N-Hance has the solution for you! Check out the many cabinet services that we offer for property owners in the Richmond area:

Richmond’s Best in Floor Refinishing Services

If the hardwood floors in your home are lacking in luster and don’t look as beautiful as they did on the day you moved in, it’s time to call the pros at N-Hance of Richmond. N-Hance is dedicated to providing a simple and affordable way to restore the beauty of your home’s floors. You and your family can enjoy gleaming hardwood floors that match the style of your home in no time at all! Take a look at our floor refinishing options below to find the best choice for your Richmond property!

Give Us A Call

If you’re ready to give your cabinets and floors a new look for a fraction of the cost of replacing, give N-Hance of Richmond a call today. Proudly serving the Richmond and Midlothian area.

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