Some home improvement projects require more than simply watching a YouTube tutorial video before taking it on yourself. Painting cabinets is one of those tasks that may seem easy enough upfront, but actually requires more than meets the eye. 

If you do plan on applying a new custom color finish to your cabinets, here are a few ways to simplify the process and save yourself some headaches. 

1 – Use an existing color scheme for inspiration.

Choosing the right color scheme for your cabinets is crucial, so don’t be afraid to collect inspiration photos from Instagram or Pinterest. This not only saves you time but can give you a starting point to make that design work in your own space. 

2 – Select the highest quality primer, paint, and topcoat.

Avoid at all costs the mistake of using wall primers and latex paint on your cabinets, a mistake many cabinet painters make. These aren’t meant for cabinets and tend to wear away quickly, especially in kitchens. Stick to acrylic, alkyd, or enamel paints instead that are made to last on cabinets. 

3 – Number hardware, doors, and drawers as you remove them. 

Expect a lot of disassembling in the cabinet painting process. Using a simple numbering system can make the process significantly easier for you when putting your cabinets back together after painting. Use matching numbers to pair up doors, drawers, and hardware that go together. You’ll thank yourself for it when reinstalling each piece. 

4 – Thoroughly clean cabinets prior to painting. 

Taking adequate time to remove grease and smudges from your cabinets before painting is essential. This will make the primer and paint adhere much better to your cabinet surfaces. 

5 – Tint the primer if painting cabinets a dark color. 

Using a dark primer or tinting it to more closely match your cabinet color can make the process go much faster. Add a small amount of color at a time and be sure not to add too much tint as this can weaken the primer’s bonding power. 

6 – Create a designated painting and drying area.

If possible, find a spot outdoors with adequate ventilation and plenty of space. Wherever you decide, make sure you have a sturdy surface to prep and paint and plenty of room for all the cabinet doors and drawers.

7 – Set up a temporary kitchen space. 

Your kitchen will obviously be out of commission during the cabinet painting process, but you don’t have to spend a lot of extra money eating out during this time. Set up a small kitchen area with a few appliances like a microwave, toaster, cooler, and/or a small fridge. Paper dishes and cutlery can also be helpful.

Cabinet Painting In Sioux Falls, South Dakota 

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