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Back-To-School Cabinet Refinishing With N-Hance

Now that it’s officially back-to-school season, it’s time to enjoy all the excitement this time of year can bring!  Whether you’re a student yourself, a parent, or a teacher, there are many preparations to make and a lot to look forward to. And N-Hance is here to help you kick off the best school year […]

How to Know if Your Kitchen is Out of Style & What to Do About It

If you find yourself constantly cringing when entering your kitchen, it might be time for an upgrade! Check out these signs to tell if your kitchen needs some work. From outdated appliances and cabinets to cracked countertops or ugly wallpaper, there is always room for improvement in the look of our homes’ most important space— […]

Spruce Up Your Summer Entertaining With N-Hance Cabinet Painting

The summer season is a special time of year, and with cabinet painting in Brookings, N-Hance of Sioux Falls can help make it even more enjoyable! Food, fun, family, and friends are at the center of all the best things about summertime! We hope you’ll enjoy all of your favorite traditions and make new memories […]

How to Spring Clean Your Cabinets

Deep cleaning your home is an ongoing process, and there are many different areas that need time and attention. But spring cleaning doesn’t have to feel arduous! It can actually be simple, affordable, and even fun.  As the leader for cabinet painting in Brookings, we get a lot of requests for upgrading kitchens—particularly during the […]

3 Reasons to Use N-Hance of Sioux Falls for Your Refinishing Project

DIY cabinet refinishing can be a daunting task. Between picking the right color and making sure you’re using the correct tools, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. That’s why many homeowners choose to hire professionals to take care of the job for them. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional cabinet refinishing company in Tea, SD […]

Custom Features To Enhance Your Cabinets

Kitchen design is our passion at N-Hance! And helping our customers enjoy unique, stylish kitchens for less is our specialty with top-rated services like cabinet painting in Canton.  Your existing cabinets could have more potential than you might think—especially with a fresh coat of paint. There are also simple, affordable ways to make your cabinets […]

2022 Kitchen Design Trends

Knowing what tops the charts in kitchen design has a lot to do with understanding why customers make the selections they do. As the leader for cabinet painting in Brookings, we specialize in knowing what homeowners want most from their kitchen design and providing it within a more reasonable budget.  The design pro’s at Houzz […]

Home Improvement Tips For The New Year

The beginning of the new year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Now is the time to kick off your goals for rejuvenation and improvement—including in your home.  With cabinet painting in Canton and the various other services we provide, N-Hance can help transform and upgrade your space to kick off 2022 on […]

Cabinet Painting Plus Other Services N-Hance Provides For Your Remodel

N-Hance is part of your dream team when it comes to pulling off a stunning and affordable kitchen remodel. With services like cabinet painting in Brookings, you can enjoy the highest quality results and a custom, one of a kind look.  We’re proud to offer a variety of services to transform your space for less. […]

Choosing Between Light Or Dark Shades For Cabinet Painting

The instant you walk into a room, you can sense the overall feeling and impression the space exudes. And when that room is the kitchen, the cabinets plan a pivotal role in the design.  Through cabinet painting in Brookings, you can enhance and elevate your kitchen space—making sure it makes exactly the impact you want […]

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