There are simple, affordable ways to make your space feel brand new—like cabinet painting in Sioux Falls

For decades, N-Hance has led the industry when it comes to transforming kitchens within virtually any budget. Along the way, we’ve learned some impactful tips to help you love your space as the years go by. 

Here are a few budget-friendly ideas to help make your kitchen feel fresh for the summer season.  

#1 – Fresh Flowers And Greenery

Try pruning a few fresh flowers from your garden or pick up a small bouquet from a supermarket or outdoor vendor. Use them as a centerpiece in a vase, or place them in various spots around your home. 

Fresh flowers are a simple, beautiful way to add vibrant colors to your kitchen and spark joy whenever you walk into the room. 

#2 – Seasonal Dish Towels

Buy a few new dishtowels with a summery print like florals, fruit, or bright pastel colors and display them on hooks, the dishwasher, or the oven. This adds a fun splash of color that can be rotated every season. 

#3 – Hang A Message Board

Chalkboards or other types of message boards are a fun way to add a unique seasonal message that shows your personality.

#4 – Use Summer Scents 

A significant element of the ambiance of a kitchen is the smell. Try a summer candle, soap, surface cleaner, or diffuser in your favorite scent. 

#5 – Add A Small Herb Garden

Plant an herb garden in small pots, then place them on your kitchen windowsill or countertop. Be sure they get plenty of sun. You’ll love the color and aromas these herbs add to your kitchen. 

Cabinet Painting In Sioux Falls 

N-Hance of Sioux Falls can refresh your kitchen for summer—and all year long— with budget-friendly cabinet painting in Sioux Falls. We specialize in reworking your existing cabinets for a transformation that delivers the results you want for a price that can fit comfortably in your budget. 

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