Kitchen remodels are one of the top projects on the to-do list of homeowners and investors alike. No other room adds more value to the home quite like the kitchen.

If your dream kitchen seems to feel out of reach, N-Hance of Sioux Falls offers some helpful tips. With solutions like cabinet painting in Tea, you can completely transform your space within an affordable budget.

However, it matters to keep in mind that DIY projects can bring a slew of mistakes that lead to a less than perfect finish. Here are some of the most common mishaps we see, and how they can be avoided for your project.

1 – Applying the wrong cabinet color

One of the biggest faux pas is selecting a cabinet color that’s too trendy. Of course, you can add unique, bold color through easily replaceable elements like accent decor, wall paint, and furniture. But when it comes to your cabinets, stick with a more neutral, timeless shade.

2 – Failing to evaluate the size of the space

Be mindful of the size of your kitchen when choosing your cabinet color. Dark colors are moody and classic, but make spaces feel smaller. On the flip side, lighter cabinets can open up a room and make it feel larger.

3 – Not planning adequately for time

Painting cabinets yourself isn’t as simple as it looks in a do-it-yourself instruction video. Set aside at least a week to complete your project from start to finish, and keep in mind the value of having a pro take care of cabinet painting in Tea for you.

4 – Not properly cleaning and preparing cabinet surfaces

Remember—prep work is the most important step for any cabinet painting project. Remove all smudges and build up that can impact how smoothly your cabinet paint goes on and adheres to the surface. When it comes to this step, having a professional take care of the prep for you can be crucial.

5 – Using incorrect primer and paint on cabinets

Never skip the step of priming your cabinets before painting them. Be sure to use acrylic-polyurethane blends for your primer and paint to make sure your cabinet surfaces resist chipping, peeling, and bleed-through.

A lot of professional painters and DIYers use latex paint that’s made for walls, not cabinets. They often leave unsightly brush strokes behind on cabinet surfaces, too. The good news is, N-Hance uses paint specially formulated for cabinets then instantly cures cabinet surfaces for a durable finish.

Cabinet Painting In Tea

Leave your next cabinet painting project to N-Hance of Sioux Falls. With the help of our team, your project will be completed right the first time, and with limited downtime for you and your loved ones.

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