If you’re hoping to get the look of modern cabinets without breaking the bank, you may have tried a DIY cabinet painting project. However, to make sure the job is done right, it pays to enlist the help of an expert at cabinet painting in Hartford

Sure, it may be an added expense up front. But we can actually help you save yourself money and time down the road. After all, cabinet painting isn’t as simple as some people think. One wrong move can end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, so it’s important to get it right. 

Here are a few pieces of priceless knowledge N-Hance of Sioux Falls can offer from our decades in the industry when it comes to cabinet painting in Hartford.

#1: How a Cabinet Paint Color Will Actually Look in Your Kitchen 

You might fall in love with a specific shade in a magazine, but it’s important to understand it may not deliver the same results in your home. The lighting, sheen, and accents in your space all play a part in how the color looks. Our team of cabinet painters now how to match your inspiration photo with the paint shade that will pull off that look in your space.

#2: The Right Way to Prep Cabinets

Prep is one of the most important steps in the cabinet painting process, which is why N-Hance of Sioux Falls cabinet painters never cut corners. We use commercial-grade products designed to remove dirt, grime, and build-up from cabinets so the primer and paint will bond properly. We also take the time to repair scuffs, scratches, and dents so the paint will go on with a flawless finish. 

#3: Priming Cabinets for the Perfect Finish 

There are countless primers on the market today, so it can be tough to know which one to choose. N-Hance of Sioux Falls can determine which one will be best for your cabinet surfaces. We’ve even created a specially formulated sealer and primer designed specifically for use on cabinets that neutralizes acidic conditions that lead to discoloration. Our primer also blocks stains and prevents bleed through. 

#4: How to Protect Your Home During the Refinishing Process 

We take every precaution to prevent dust, paint splatters, and more when working in your home. Plus, it helps that our process is virtually dust and odor-free. 

#5: Using Only the Best Cabinet Painting Products 

Many cabinet painters and DIYers use paint that’s intended for use on walls, not cabinets. These latex-based paints chip and fade easily when hit with daily use like cabinets are. That’s why N-Hance developed a rainbow of custom paint colors formulated with our acrylic polyurethane blend that resists peeling, chipping, and scratching. 

#6: Which Cabinet Painting Equipment Is Best 

There are a lot of tools available for cabinet painting, like brushes, sprayers, rollers, and more. So how can you know which are best for your cabinets? N-Hance uses high quality sprayers that create a factory-like finish and won’t leave behind drip marks, brush strokes, or other unsightly imperfections. We also utilize dustless sanding machines, glazing guns, touch-sprayers, and more. 

#7: N-Hance Gets the Job Done Better and Faster 

Our decades of experience paired with the highest grade products and equipment is what makes N-Hance cabinet painting a step above the rest. If you’re searching for the best results for cabinet painting in Hartford, look no further than N-Hance. We’re proud to be the best in the industry, and can get your job done faster thanks to our proprietary Lightspeed instant curing technology

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