While it may look simple on HGTV or in do-it-yourself YouTube videos, cabinet painting in Hartford, South Dakota is actually a more complex process than you might think. From prepping cabinets to paint application and beyond, each stage of the process is important—and one misstep can lead to a DIY disaster. 

The good news is, while it takes additional time and resources, many cabinet painting mistakes can be repaired. However, here are a few pro tips for avoiding the headache altogether in the first place. 

Tip #1: Start Over With The Cabinet Painting Process 

Painting cabinets can be an unforgiving technique that accentuates every flaw if not executed to perfection. It’s crucial not to skip any steps when prepping cabinets to make sure the paint rolls on evenly, and to use the right tools so drips and stroke marks can be avoided. 

With these kinds of imperfections, it may be your best bet to start the project over. While this is the most time consuming option, it may be what’s needed to achieve the results you want. If you go with this option, remember these best practices to avoid more mistakes: 

Sand Your Cabinets Before Painting Them 

This can help eliminate unsightly paint drips, brush strokes, and other visible flaws. Sanding also helps paint adhere better to your cabinets. Rather than sanding all the way to the bare wood, sand cabinet surfaces just until any imperfections are no longer visible. 

Repair Any Damage To Cabinets 

Repair more severe scratches, damage, and gouges using a water-based wood filler product. Once the product has set, sand over it once more before painting. 

Take Time To Thoroughly Clean Cabinets 

Remember it’s important to completely remove grease, grime, particles, and wax build-up from cabinet surfaces prior to painting to make sure the paint adheres properly to the surface and to prevent peeling. Apply an actual paint prep degreaser to your cabinets using a soft towel prior to cabinet painting in Hartford.

Prime Cabinets The Right Way 

Priming is arguably the most important step in the cabinet painting process. Never skip this step, and make sure you use the right product. Use an oil-based primer instead of a latex-based one that’s intended for use on walls, not cabinets. 

Use The Right Technique When Applying Paint 

Use a roller or sprayer to apply paint to cabinets. Brushes can be used for touch up or hard to reach areas, but can leave behind visible strokes if used all over cabinet surfaces. 

Tip #2: Touch Up Mistakes On Your Cabinets 

If your cabinets just have a few minor spots that need fixing, remove the door fronts with blemishes and sand, clean, and prime them while leaving the rest of your cabinets intact. You can also try applying a small amount of paint over the flaw then gently blend it with the surrounding areas. For mistakes inside cabinet doors or drawers, use a paint brush for touch up. 

Tip #3: Avoid These Most Common Cabinet Painting Mistakes 

Whether you decide to start over with cabinet painting or simply touch up small problem areas, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Avoid overloading paint rollers to avoid drips or uneven coverage. 
  • Don’t skip steps or cut corners to save time. Professional cabinet painting companies who do it right will spend a lot of time on prep to get the best results, so make sure you do the same. 
  • Allow adequate time for your cabinets to dry prior to hanging them back up. Keep in mind that for DIY projects, this may take days.

Tip #4: Have A Pro Paint Your Cabinets 

Painting cabinets yourself is a grueling process with the potential for mistakes along the way. To save yourself time, it may be best to hire a pro for your cabinet painting in Hartford, South Dakota

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