It’s the spring season and the thoughts of many homeowners have turned to home improvement projects. The benefits of cabinet refacing are significant—especially when you consider how quickly this transformation can be completed with help from N-Hance professionals. 

Here’s how we can renovate your existing kitchen cabinets just in time for summer with the benefits of our signature refacing service. 

Benefits Of N-Hance Cabinet Refacing

Our goal is to make all your cabinet dreams come true, and our signature cabinet refacing service helps us to deliver on that promise

The process of traditional cabinet refacing used by our competitors involves placing veneers over cabinet boxes and new drawers and doors on the cabinet fronts. However, this method can actually make cabinet surfaces even more vulnerable to chipping and peeling over time. 

Our cabinet refacing method has a unique and impactful difference. Instead, we apply a specially formulated, custom cabinet finish to your cabinet boxes that match perfectly with your new cabinet fronts. 

This process is not only significantly more effective but enables us to deliver higher quality results in less time. Other methods require 3-4 days to dry and cure on top of the time it takes to complete the refacing process itself. If you’re like many people in the Sioux Falls area, you don’t have time to wait or put your normal day-to-day life on hold for such an extended period of time. 

We understand your needs and concerns, which is why we developed a better method: our Lightspeed® Instant-Cure Wood Refinishing Process. We can complete most projects in less than half the time compared to traditional cabinet refacing. Plus, when we cure your cabinet surfaces using UV light, they’re left stronger and more durable with a factory-like finish.  

When you choose N-Hance, worries about chipping, peeling, scratches, and dents. Your cabinets will be ready for regular use immediately—even stronger than before.

Refacing Cabinets Within Your Needed Timeline

The benefits of refacing with N-Hance also include incredible value in terms of cost. Cabinet refacing costs significantly less than replacing existing cabinets. In fact, N-Hance cabinet refacing can cut your remodeling costs in half compared to a full cabinet replacement. 

We also provide methods that are safer and healthier for your family, pets, and the local environment. Because N-Hance cabinet refacing eliminates the need for complete demolition, you can save on waste that contributes to local landfills. We also don’t leave behind any dust or harmful fumes in your home. 

Our team can help you with the cabinet refacing process from start to finish. Whether you need guidance on the style, profile, or custom color to select for your new cabinets or you’re looking for financing options, we’re here to assist you. 

With N-Hance, you can enjoy your dream kitchen that’s truly one of a kind without the added stress or cost. 

Reface Cabinets In Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Spring is a busy time of year for home improvement projects, so let N-Hance take some of the heavy lifting off your plate. We’ll deliver the beauty of a new kitchen in your home in less time and higher quality compared to any other option in the Sioux Falls area. 

Schedule a risk-free online estimate today to get started!