If you find yourself constantly cringing when entering your kitchen, it might be time for an upgrade! Check out these signs to tell if your kitchen needs some work. From outdated appliances and cabinets to cracked countertops or ugly wallpaper, there is always room for improvement in the look of our homes’ most important space— the kitchen.

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Lighting fixtures are dull

Kitchen lighting can make or break the overall look and feel of your space. If you find that any fixtures have outdated finishes, like tarnished brass on dull metal, it’s time to invest in some new ones. Check what kind of bulbs are being used currently too, and make the switch to LED lights to save energy!

Cabinets are plain oak or cherry wood

Even though there are many different styles of cabinets, some look better than others. The most common old-fashioned designs come in the form of oak or cherry wood cabinet colors and finishes. But thanks to our cabinet painting in Brandon, SD, we can dramatically change the look of your entire kitchen in just a matter of a few days. We provide classic options and styles that will leave your cabinet in style for many years to come. We also have unique and popular colors if you’re looking for something trendy.

Countertops are made from outdated materials

With their popularity peaking years ago, tile or plastic laminate countertops are another sign of an outdated kitchen. Better options have become available since then in terms of functionality and design. Although new counters might be more expensive upfront, they will ultimately save you money down the line when it comes to maintaining your home’s aesthetics!

Get an upgraded kitchen with cabinet painting in Brandon, SD

Why wait to modernize your kitchen when you can get an affordable cabinet makeover now? Our cabinet painting in Brandon, SD is hassle-free and costs less than installing new cabinets. This means you can invest the dollars saved into new lighting, countertops, and other home renovations!

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