Your cabinet color is an important decision that affects the aesthetic and feeling in your kitchen. We can help you make the perfect selection for your unique space and style with cabinet painting in Sioux Falls

Let’s work together to bring your kitchen into the year 2024! Doing so can be more simple and affordable than you might anticipate. In fact, our services provide beautiful results without the need to install new custom cabinets. 

Here are some of the top cabinet color choices for the new year. Have some fun envisioning these in your space! 

Chart-Topping Cabinet Colors 

  • Light-colored cabinets remain a timeless choice. However, expect to see less stark white cabinets and more soft, off-white shades with warmer undertones.
  • Neutral colors like light gray or beige are also always a great go-to. They offer a calming, classic vibe. 
  • You don’t have to sacrifice color! Vibrant, bold jewel tones like deep blues, emerald greens, and violets are a top choice this year. 
  • Dark cabinets provide an elegant, sophisticated aesthetic. These work especially well in kitchens with ample square footage and natural light.
  • Natural wood cabinets are a timeless design. Cool, neutral stains give this traditional choice a more modern twist. 
  • Gravitate to earthy tones like mustard, rustic oranges and reds, and olive or sage green. 
  • Take it back with a retro color palette featuring greens, oranges, golds, or powder blues. 

Cabinet Painting In Sioux Falls

This year, enjoy a variety of trends to choose from! There’s truly something for everyone, and you can make your kitchen design as unique as you are with the perfect cabinet color.

Enlist the help of N-Hance with cabinet painting in Sioux Falls!