You may have noticed that blogs, social media feeds, and design magazines are filled with images of organic wood cabinets. 

In fact, when it comes to a color change, cabinet staining is a very popular choice. It can also be very affordable when you rework your existing cabinets with N-Hance of Sioux Falls

Here are some reasons why choosing to restain your cabinets could be ideal for your kitchen remodel.

Benefits Of Cabinet Staining For The Kitchen 

  1. Stained wood cabinets add diversity to kitchen designs by implementing dimension and texture in a way a solid-colored cabinet doesn’t. 
  1. Maintaining and enhancing the natural wood grain on cabinets provides unique character that simply can’t be replicated. 
  1. Compared to painting, cabinet staining can be a significantly less expensive option that delivers the results you want to see. 
  1. Natural, stained cabinets can conceal daily smudges, chips, scratches, and wear much better than a painted cabinet. 
  1. Cabinet staining is a timeless choice that coordinates well with a variety of other decor options. 
  1. Changing the color of your cabinets is a great way to either warm up or cool down your design. A stain can either neutralize wood tones or add some much-needed warmth to help balance your space. 

Cabinet Staining With N-Hance Of Sioux Falls

N-Hance has limitless options for your custom cabinet stain

We look forward to making your kitchen design a winner with cabinet staining. A budget-friendly transformation is within reach with help from our team!  

Contact N-Hance today to get started on your cabinet staining/color change project.